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Nordic Queen and the God of Trials



Nordic Queen and the God of Trials





In the realm where the valiant warriors who die with honor in a great battle, Sovngarde, a former living warrior arrives.


Warrior: Sovngarde! I make it here!




She walked up and started go toward to the legendary Hall of Valor, where all great heroes reside.


Warrior: Can't wait to meet the greatests.




She was once a Queen-Warrior, who died valiantly in a war against Skyrim enemies in an ancient era, now she forgotten to the modern Eras.




She looked stunnedly up the sky of Sonvgarde. 


Nordic Queen: Beautiful.




Nordic Queen: This place looks better than the legends.




As she getting closer to the bridge, Tsun the god of Trials who guard the gateway greeted her.


Tsun: Whats bring you, wayfarer grim, To wander here, Shor's gift to honored dead?




As she looked that way, she saw the mighty Tsun, Shor's housecarl and nordic god of Trials. Who guard the Whalebone-bridge to the legendary Hall of Valor, he only allow the worthy.


Nordic Queen: You must be Tsun.




Nordic Queen: I seek entrance to the Hall of Valor.




Tsun: By what right do you request entry?

Nordic Queen: Rules I was, ruled once the mighty Kingdown of Eastern Skyrim seating in Windhelm, led battle against the demons of Morrowind fall against their kings.

Tsun: Worthy deeds for a ruler might be, but Living or Dead I judge you with the warrior test. 




As Tsun said his words, she started to run forward him with attacking intent. However...


Nordic Queen: Fine by me!!




Her attack did nothing, her face was suprised and confused.


Nordic Queen:.... Not possible..




Tsun looked dissapointly toward her, while standing like nothing happened.


Nordic Queen: Why this isn't working?!!




He looked sad and pity the same time, he cannot hide his dissapointment.


Tsun: You cannot win with dishonestly and dishonor, as the lie came out your mouth the moment where you false claim deeds instead your own, you was defeated.




Tsun swinged his axe, the Nordic Queen of Eastern Skyrim was in on the ground before she could notice.


Nordic Queen: What happened? Where is my weapons and my flag?

Tsun: I moved my axe simply as it is, with my strike I saw who are you really. You can't deveice me.




Tsun: Queen truly of the eastern holds and fought in a war, but your death came with mere fact you can't blowjob properly like a true nordic woman and died in deep throat. Unworthy death, no glory no true battle. You died against the dick.

Nordic Queen:... My weapons...




Tsun: You are not worthy of your weapons and to bear your flag.




Tsun looked more angrily toward her, betrayed he no lonher pitied the queen before him.


Tsun: If you not lied you could even remain here and might enter if you succed defeating me, what a shame.




She looked shamefully and accepted her defeat humbly.


Nordic Queen: What will going to happen to me?




Tsun: Not know that part of the old song of me?

Nordic Queen: Well...

Tsun: Spread your ass for Tsun, He will spread, The seeds.




She spread her ass, as the song was written in the song and prepares herself what will come.


Nordic Queen: Wich kind of Seed? We are going to do..

Tsun: Soon, you will know.




Tsun shrinked of his mighty size to match the queen, he started preparing the seeds what the song claimed, while he do that, the queen looked behind, seeing the hall of Valor. Knowing she will not enter anytime soon.




Tsun started licking her from behind.


Tsun: Lets Judge your ass, it is worthy for my seeds.

Nordic Queen: Ummmm? What?




As he started, she immedialty felt she dealing with not ordinary person.


 Nordic Queen: Damn you know how to do it.




Tsun: The Taste deemed you Worthy, now time to put the true trial.

Nordic Queen: Well at least something is still worthy in me.




As soon as he said , he already put her under the true trial.


Nordic Queen: By Shor, this feels good!!




Nordic Queen: You surely do good job at putting up trials, Ahhh!




Tsun: the Trial is not over, lets put the armor off. Show me your true Strenght!




Tsun teleported her amor away, making her full naked.


Nordic Queen: Yeahhh!




Nordic: Ohhhhhh!!!

Tsun: Not bad..




Nordic Queen: Uhhhhh! You good as with your cock like with weapons.

Tsun: I was Shor's housecarl, of course I am master all weapon, even with my dick, not read much song do you?




Nordic Queen: Ahhhhhh!!?




Nordic Queen: I'm almost cummed, but not going to let happen until I am worthy!!!




Nordic Queen: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Tsun: Your ass was worthy for my seed, you passed the Trial




After the trial, she was teleported back, she wondered a bit.


Nordic Queen: Where is the seed or what kind of seed is it? I feel no cum in bottom.




Tsun: The Seed of Reborn, you where worthy to have it, I'm going to let you reborn in a different time, an Era where you are forgotten, your new life might give you worthy feats and skills to enter here again.

Nordic Queen: Whaaat??!!

Tsun: From the Forgotten Nordic Queen, the seeds will give a life of a worthy warrior. Reborn, I will wait here as ever, til we meet again and you show yourself as worthy warrior.




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I'm thrilled. This is new you. I loved the screenshots and the story very much. All compliments. The only thing that "bugged" me a little is HDT vagina. No offense, for me it looks very ugly so I imagined she has a dildo in her pussy. ;)


How did you get your pictures from side to side? I can't make it. Don't know how.

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3 minutes ago, Elf Prince said:

I'm thrilled. This is new you. I loved the screenshots and the story very much. All compliments. The only thing that "bugged" me a little is HDT vagina. No offense, for me it looks very ugly so I imagined she has a dildo in her pussy. ;)


How did you get your pictures from side to side? I can't make it. Don't know how.

Thank you :).


Well htd vagina not really self-aware and notice when it should not move, when actually anal happening, so yeah that happens sometimes. :blush:


Consider Tsun use some of his divine power and created some magic dildo there, so she is dp-ed there. :grin:


Try use bbcode, might work.

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23 minutes ago, Scythion said:

This is some Sermons of Vivec level writing.

Thank you :smiley:  


I laughed when I read this xDDDDDD.


I liked read Vivec stuffs in Morrowind.

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