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False Starts, Episode 4: Laverna Veleda




And like any good thief, she got away and never came back.



Laverna was yet another in a long, well spaced stream of attempts to create an Imperial character. This one was to be a thief, unrelated to Kallista's plot unlike Yueda. She originates from November of 2014.



Her hook was to be a ring mod I realized I had installed. Her ring specifically was the Ring of Khajiiti, which aided her immeasurably in her thieving. Beyond that, I recall little of her. Looking back, damn that hair sucks.

Also, I really wish DeserterX and that ground had kept making outfits. Sure they were just retextures of the Minidresses mod, but they were insanely high-quality. I always hoped they'd do something like a proper sexy Mage robe in a Conjuration theme, but the closes they got was a Necromancer outfit...

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Yeah, sadly last I knew DeserterX left for Fallout 4, then they ended the fallout career with the Black Widow armor to match the shotgun. No idea what they doing now, though do agree that their stuff was up there with a nice balance of lewd and practical.

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