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In which another day brings more than just another septim




A few days of plentiful odd jobs and nights just dancing for well paying men with soft hands let Thana wake up and stretch without any pain for the first time in weeks. She climbed to her feet and performed her ritual of stretches, prayers and obligatory wave to Ambarys as she left the Cornerclub. Making her way through town she helped one of the dunmer merchants sort goods at his stall just inside the docks gate and later moved some wood with Nils, the cook up at Candlehearth Hall. He took some of the larger logs while she carried the little bits he said he had to have. He let her stir one of the cookpots while he added wood to the fire and then skillfully chopped up some vegetables and meat. When he took over the cooking duties he pointed to some of yesterday's bread and said she could have one.


As she left the kitchen eating the last of the roll, she found Torbjorn Shattershield and a stormcloak soldier drinking in the hallway. Thana had not exactly avoided Torbjorn but a rich man with servants and more than enough money to keep himself drunk offered little opportunities to someone in her position. However, he recognized her and remembered how she convinced him to raise the argonian dock worker wages. He decided she would be a great addition to the party that until then had just been him and an old family friend. "Thana, come join us. We're celebrating!" Torbjorn exclaimed. "Yes sir? What did you want?" she said as she approached. To his friend the older man said "Might be a dunmer but this slut's a good fuck. Let me do her all afternoon." To her he asked "What say you join the party. Sven just got out of the army and needs a reward for not dying."


blogentry-544130-0-89495000-1486877000_thumb.png Before long, they had carried her into an unoccupied room and undressed themselves and her. Torb lost no time diving between her legs with his tongue and his scratchy beard rubbed on her thighs. Thana was glad that while appearing drunk, both men were strong enough to hold her between them.


blogentry-544130-0-72374900-1486877020_thumb.png Soon enough, friend Sven had laid down on the thick rug and pulled her to his own face looking for a taste of her dark musky sweetness. Stepping over his friend, Torbjorn guided his cock to her face.


blogentry-544130-0-99408600-1486877036_thumb.png After both men had enough oral attention, they shifted her ass onto the stormcloak cock. Sven's hands wrapped around her rib cage urging her up and down while her hand absentmindedly stroked the standing senior's stiff cock.


blogentry-544130-0-88319300-1486877051_thumb.png Pushing her back onto Sven's chest, Torbjorn spread her legs wide before he shoved his cock into her open hole. Pussy and ass both full, Thana let her head lay back over the soldier's shoulder and allowed the men to use her. When Nils entered the room the men's timing was disrupted and so was their moods. Sven dressed quickly and left. Torbjorn followed but returned shortly, alone. He told Thana to follow him and headed home where there would be no interruptions.


blogentry-544130-0-10039900-1486877077_thumb.png Before long they arrived at the Shattershield house and were both naked again. Thana did not know whether Torbjorn was trying to dance with her or just wanted sex without laying on the floor or walking across the room to the bed.


blogentry-544130-0-52013000-1486877096_thumb.png Torbjorn put her ankle on his shoulder and drove his cock upward into her pussy. Lacking no strength and losing no balance to alcohol he took his pleasure from her body with strong deep strokes.


blogentry-544130-0-41754700-1486877110_thumb.png On her knees, Thana orally serviced Torbjorn while his hands on her head controlled her movements. He demanded she take him deeper and moved her head faster when she tried to catch her breath.


blogentry-544130-0-61126500-1486877124_thumb.png After Torbjorn had enough of her mouth, he put her on her back on rug, lifted her leg to his shoulder again, and pounded her pussy with just as much force as before.


blogentry-544130-0-25073600-1486877140_thumb.png Torbjorn flipped her over and slammed into her so hard they slid off the rug. He grabbed her neck and and arm as he pounded her from behind. Finally he finished and flooded her sore pussy with his nord fluids.


Torbjorn laid on top of Thana for a few minutes before getting up. He walked over to the wash basin and cleaned himself off before he threw the wet rags to her. He soon dressed and threw some coins on her clothing. "That should be enough for a couple meals" he said. "Come back if you want to have another party. Maybe my friend will stay next time." When Thana counted the coins, she found it was only a little more than what she would make upstairs in the cornerclub. She would need more coin for the work before she came back here.


After she got dressed, Thana went out and made her way back to the market. After a few light sorting jobs she headed "home" to the Cornerclub. Even though she was able to eat well, Torbjorn and his frend worked her so hard she was unable to dance that night. She spent the evening in back, and fell asleep early that night.


In Which a Dark Tale gets Lighter


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