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WLTBK - 30 or Who says that revenge isn't sweet :)



Written and posted by Eva with Prince's approval.



After I finished posting our story, I returned to my Prince. He had his eyes closed. I was looking at his face bumped and full of bruises. I felt incredible love for him. He was beaten because he defended ME. Nobody ever did such a thing for me, but him. I wanted to kiss him, his face, hands, body, but I knew he was in pain. I continued to change his cold wraps. Some time soon Ivy and Nick retuned. I gave them the sign to be quite and led them into our bedroom to hear the news:
- So, did you find them???
Ivy (excited): Oh yeaaaa, WE DID!!!
Me (impatiently): And??? ANNNND?????
Nick (looking at Ivy): Let me say the story.
Ivy: OK, babe.
Nick: Ivy took your car and I drove mine. We collected Ivy's 5 friends where we agreed. Then we went to the guy's house, but he wasn't there. One of Ivy's friends saw a pub nearby and suggested to looked for them there. We went in and BINGO! They were sitting at the bar desk. Andrew, the tallest (over 2 meters), biggest and most fucking ugliest among all man on earth, approached them and kindly asked them to leave the pub and follow him. You can see they shitted their pants. But that scum didn't want to leave the bar and he grabbed two of them and carried them trough the back door while we surrounded one that was in the middle and made him go through the same door. One of Ivy's friend stayed in the bar as guard and explained to the waiter that we wouldn't take a long and that he advise him to not to call the police.
Ivy (excitedly): Nick, Nick... let me continue... pleeeassssseeeee???
Nick: OK, babe.
Ivy: Three of them laid on the ground scared like rabbits. Mother fucker who beaten you before and your Prince today, peed his pants....hahahhahahhha......... I pointed my finger at him and said: This fucking shit! He's the one!
While Nick and one of them hold the guard for those two not to escape, we did the same to him as he did to Prince. We were kicking him with our feet and fists. Fucking coward started to cry and beg us to stop... But we didn't until we felt we needed a break. You should see him, he was all covered with blood.......


I hugged and kissed Ivy saying: Thank you, thank you, thank you......
Nick: But, this isn't all yet..... (kissing Ivy) - my babe is blood thirsty bitch.... listen to this.
Ivy continued: I said to my friends: Let's make sure how serious we are and that they will never touch Eva or Prince again..... I want you to brake their hands and feet. To all of them.
So, while two of them were holding one mother fucker, Andrew took a big bottle (2 l of wine) from crates and he was heavily hitting his both feet and then hands until they hung as useless rugs and he wasn't able to move them. We did this to all of them. They surely couldn't walk and use their hands after this for a long time.
Me (thrilled): Love you babe.
Ivy: Now, the best part....... I ask my friends for brass knuckles. One of them gave it to me and I crouched at the mother fucker who beaten you and Prince and I said to him: "This is from my buddy, Prince and from me for insulting Eva and calling her names. Then I stroke him in the right jaw so hard that I think he passed out. That piece of shit will not be able to eat or speak for months. Then I said to all of them:
If we heard that you even looked Prince and Eva again, next time you'll learn the real meaning of the pain. It will be much worst. Is that clear you fucks?! They were bending in pain and sobbing but they said they understood and they promised they will never touch you again. Before we left, I searched their pockets to take the money to compensate for Prince's broken cell phone. And I found these...
Ivy handed me the bracelet and the necklace I gave to Prince and some amount of money. Not enough for the new cell phone but better something then nothing.
Me: Thank you very much Ivy. Was there a ring like mine?
Ivy: No, Princess... Sorry ...... I didn't find any ring.


I hugged and kissed Ivy and Nick and thanked them for revenging my Prince.
Me: I love you guys....... very much..... but, honey (I was talking o Ivy) - aren't you concerned about police?
Ivy smiled and said: Have no worries, Princess. My friends are very well know in town. You know they have the reputation as "you-don't-want-to-mess-with-these-guys". They were all marines in Croatian army during the civil war. Nobody will report this to police, especially because nobody saw what really happened. From now on you guys will not have a problem with those morons......... I thanked my friends for the help and I asked them if I owe them something, but they said: It's our pleasure. Call any time and we'll come. I hugged them and kissed them all and then Nick and I drove them wherever they wanted. Then we came here.
Me: What abut newspaper. The incident like this will surely be printed in the newspaper.
Ivy: hahahahaha - you worry to much honey. It won't
Me: How can you be so sure? I don't want you and my Prince ending on some daily "criminal" news and being dragged on courts.....
Ivy kissed me saying: I know.... I doesn't mater how I know, but I know. Stop burdening your pretty head.
Ivy surely knew something that I didn't. But, I trusted her. If she says the she and Prince won't be in trouble, then they won't.


I hugged her and kissed her again and invited them to the living room. My Prince was awaken. While I was making refreshments and coffee for them, Ivy kneeled by his head and they were whispering something. Then she took her cell phone and she showed him some picture. Seeing the picture, my Prince smiled and I heard him saying: Thank you. Then they kissed. When I served the beverages and coffee, Nick sat at the Prince and talked to him and I set in the kitchen with Ivy asking her to show me that picture.
Ivy: Princess...... I'm not sure you want to see it..... It was for Prince's eyes only.
Me (determinately): I want to see it! Show me, please.
She showed me the picture of the guy who beaten me and Prince. It was gross. His face was like from horror movies; covered with blood and his right side jaw was broken and curved on the left side. I gave her back hers cell phone and I waved my head as disapproval for such a cruelty.
Ivy: Honey, I had a promise to keep. It was my gift and promise to the Prince. He asked me to do that because he insulted you.... Sorry if that disturbed you........
Me (very surprised): He asked you that? Just because he called me whore and spoke bed things about me?!
Ivy: Yes, honey. He loves you that much. I already told you that he didn't care for himself, but you.....
My eyes filled with tears. I was thrilled with him. His love for me has no limits. He didn't ask Ivy to revenge him, but to defend my honor. Who in the world would do such a thing if not loving that person more then himself. I felt enormous love for my Prince. I'm not worthy of him.


The rest of the evening, we were sitting, talking and taking care for Prince who felt very exhausted but better, less painful. Then Nick said he has to go because he works tomorrow. Ivy said that she'd stay and help me taking care for Prince. Nick deep kissed her and me, and then he left. Ivy sat near the Prince on sofa and I sat on the chair near him too. She gently took his hand into her hands and said:
- It's gonna be all right from now on.
She kissed his hand and looking at him she continued: - I love you very much, both of you. You captured my heart this morning in the car when asked me not to revenge you, but Eva. Thank you for trusting me in this and letting me do it. Whatever you guys need, whenever you want me to come, I'll be here for both of you. Always! You two are my number 1.


I looked at her and my eyes filled with tears. Ivy is priceless. The best friend ever.
I knelled before her and looking her into her eyes, I gave her long deep kiss thanking her for everything.



Thank you all who is empathize with my Prince. He is awaken now and he enjoy in Ivy's care for him..... Not the way you think you pervs ;)


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While I don't enjoy in violent acts, some people seem cannot understand except strong manners.

The guy got some and a man who beat a woman as he is… in my book deserves it all.

It seems he won't bother you anymore, he won't even dream to fuck with Ivona, well not in that sense. Plot twist, he fell in love! After all she is the last memory before falling unconscious…. xD


Issue is solved, take care guys.

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Thank you both.


Valen > belive me, my Prince i against the violence too, but in case like mine or his family her turns into a beast. I'm the same way. When I saw him so injured, I felt incredible rage. All I had in mine was: He must pay for this. That freak of my ex deserved what he got. I honestly hope that after this he will not beat any girl any more in his life.


Thank god for Ivy, she is my protector. She is very beautiful, but she also very dangerous when being pissed off. When need to, she'd even fist fight with any male.

I love her very much.

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Ivona is the bomb


A very special person and I wish you to keep her love forever, as a friend, lover, sister and all she represent to you.

You have been lucky to find each other :)

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