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WLTBK - 28 or Victory of love



I truly apologize guys, but Eva and I are so thrilled with the recent event that we felt we must share it with you. :)


*** This story doesn't contain sexual content



Written by me and Eva. Posted with Eva's approval.


Arriving at Eva's parents house, we rang the bell and Nada opened the door. Seeing us, she firstly hugged and kissed Eva and then me. Before we entered into the house Eva silently said to her mom:
- mom, when we come in, please, try to not kiss and compliment Prince, not in the front of dad and his uncle.
Nada (being surprised): ??? - Oh, why not? ...I don't understand what are you trying to say my child........ Of course I will......... He's my son. I love him the same I love you.
Eva: But, mooooom.....
Nada interrupted her saying: Eva, dear .... I don't care what you father says and do. Prince should also learn that. (looking at me smilingly) - Don't worry, my son. Those two will not tease you any more, and if they do, they will be in serious trouble with me....
We knew that reasoning with Nada is pointless and we quit trying to persuade her. All she knows is to love and to care. How can you fight with that?!


When we entered into the house, Eva hugged and kissed her father, then my uncle. I hugged uncle and shook hands with her dad. Livio looked at my uncle and started to giggle. I was like: Oh, nooooo, don't start again. But, they didn't said anything except they always giggled when looked at each other like two little naughty boys planned to do some prank. Eva and I went to the bathroom and washed our hands before lunch. Then she joined to her mom in the kitchen and helped her. I set in the living room with my uncle and her dad. After some time of silence, her dad said to me:
- mmmmmm......listen, son.... sorry for yesterday..... we were carried away.....
Uncle added: yes, kiddo, we just had fun..... I hope you're not angry at us.....
Me: No, it's OK. Thank you for apologizing.
(short silence)
Livio: mmmmm ...... do you have handkerchiefs?
Me (surprised): No, I don't. Why?
Livio looked at my uncle and giggled: no particular reason...... I thought you might need them in the case you......... start to cry...........
Uncle and he blasted in laughter.
I was afraid that something like that might happened, but on my own surprise, I was completely calmed. While Nada and Eva were wondering why they laughing, I took a deep breath and said to Livio:
- dad, I don't know why are you treating me like that...... but If you think that loving Eva the way I do is wrong, than I can only say I feel sorry for you.
My words made them stop laughing.
I continued: You daughter is most precious being in whole world to me. I would do anything for her. I would fight for her, as I did and always will, I would care for her, I would kiss her hug her and say "I love you" million times if need to and want to...... (words were just coming out of my mouth by themselves) - showing her my emotions is not my shortcoming, but my virtue. Eva sees that and she values that and respect that...... She deserved to be loved the way I love her. And I will tell you one more thing: she is my love, my honey, my dear, my sweetheart and every other "sweet" word you can imagine and you don't like......You may call me sissy, girlish, gayish and any other bad name you want, but I will not stop loving her the way I do.... This is me and I only know to love her the way I do, no other way. I will not stop being me whatever you do to me and say to me.....Period.... Now you can accept that or continue to make funny of me..... I simply don't care any more...
I think that my words shocked him and that he didn't expect that from me. (I didn't either. I surprised myself too). All of them were very silent. Then he looked at me with his serious look. I expected he'll tell me something insulting, and I was ready to take all, but he started to laugh. Then he hugged me and shaking me and pointing his finger at me, he said to my uncle:
- That's the boy I wanted him to be!!! Standing up and defend his beliefs.
Then he looked at me and said:
- Bravo, my son! Bravo! You just earned my respect....
I looked at Eva and her mom and they were both crying. Eva approached her father and hugging him and kissing him she thanked him. Then she hugged my uncle too and at the end she gave me loud kiss on my lips.


Then Nada invited us to sit at the table. She placed all food on the table but she separated the food for diabetics. We were just about to start to eat when Livio said:
- Hold on!..... Nada, bring that bottle of old domestic plum brandy.... I want to propose a toast.
We were all surprised. Nada brought plum brandy and 5 glasses. Livio poured the brandy in the glasses and when we took each one stood up and rose them up. Then he said:
- This is 22 years old plum brandy. When Eva was born I took aside this bottle and decided to not to open it until very special occasion. Well, that occasion is now.
He looked at Eva and me and said: To my daughter and my son, Prince. Live long in happiness and health all the days of your life. God bless you children. Cheers!!!
We all said: Cheers!!!
Nada cried like autumn rain being very happy. She grabbed Eva for her head and kissed her in the lips, and then she did the same to me but kissing me on my forehead. Then we sat to eat. Whenever Eva and I looked each other, she had tears in her eyes. Then she set in my lap and started to eat from my plate. I looked at Livio to see his reaction and he gave me his "known" serious look. This time I just smiled at him, and I grabbed Eva for her chin and gave her loud kiss on her lips. I looked at him again and he smiled at me and winked. Then I complimented Nada for very tasteful lunch. She replied with the smile.


The rest of the afternoon we spent talking, playing cards and having fun. I think I had to much beers because I couldn't follow and count my cards. My sight was blurred too. Eva was sitting in my lap all the time "helping" me to play but actually she did opposite. She didn't know the rules of the game at all. We all laughed when she showed me to play "right" card. Of curse, I lost first. During the coffee time my uncle spoke to Livio about fishing. He was expert in fishing but for river fishes. Livio was good in sea fishing. He promised my uncle to teach him to fish in the sea. While they talked Eva and I talked to her mom.


When we felt we wanted to go home, I approached to Livio and I hugged him whispering to his ear:
- you might not like this, but I'm promising you, there will be much more of these.
He tapped my shoulders and smiled:
- mmmmmmm ......You are fine, my son.... really fine.
Eva hugged my uncle and her father and I hugged my uncle and Nada. I thanked her for marvelous lunch.
She placed her hands on my cheeks and said:
- God bless you, my son! Let your love for each other last forever.
When Eva kissed and hugged her mom, we went home.
All the way of driving to our home (some 10-15 minutes) we didn't said a word. We were imressed with the events at her house. But when we entered into our home, she wrapped her hands around my neck and we both fell on the sofa kissing very passionately. When we finished she said:
- I'm so proud of you honey. You were amazing..... Your words really touched my heart....
Tell me you love me....
I looked at her eyes and after very gentle kiss I said: Eva... I love you enormously.
She laid her face on mine and I felt her warm tears dripping on my face. We were laying like that for some time. Then she went to the bathroom, washed her face and posted "Amazing Ivy, true friend" story. After that, we turned on TV and covered with the blanket laying tight next to each other, we watched "Looper" movie.



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Unfortunately I read this after the newest entry about the beating, so it's not easy to cheerfully comment.


I want just say I'm truly glad you had in the end a splendid evening and everything went well. You Prince have been great, you didn't denied your nature, you just expressed yourself in all calm and sincerity. May this fact be in your memory in future if you'll ever happen again to feel insecure or uncertain.

And beautiful gesture from Eva's father to open that bottle :) very valuable.

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Valen > He was fantastic. My mother and I were stunned. He earned my father's respect and that makes me very happy. He's not sissy or girlish, he was just considerable toward my dad.

I can't imagine him not saying o me how much he loves me or when he calls me his honey or when he cuddles me and kisses me. He's very romantic and very observative. I don't want him being different. I love him the way he is. :)

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