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WLTBK - 27 or Amazing Ivy, true friend



Written by Eva. Posted by Eva with Prince's approval.



My Prince and Ivy stayed in the room for quite a long time. I browsed LL when Ivy's phone rang. It was Nick. I answered the phone:
Nick: Hi, babe.... Where the hell are you...?!
Me (giggling): I'm home babe and you...
Nick (confused): Who's there?
Me (laughing): Your ass!
Nick: Ah..... hahahahahhahaha - hi Princess....
Me: Hi!
Nick: Where is my squaw?
Me (giggling): You have one shot to try to guess.
Nick (joking): WHAT?!?! I'm gonna kill them both. Since you guys started dating his fucking her more then me..... When do you guys find time for sex when he's always with my babe?!
Me (laughing): Nick, it's a special occasion...
Nick interrupted me saying: It's always special occasion for them; either he's horny on her legs, or when making out with her or she's horny when sucking his tongue or when thinking how good he licks her.... I'm gonna end that..... Tell your horny rat and my sluttish babe that I'm coming to end their miserable lives...
I blasted in laughter saying:
- OK, Nick. I will.
Nick: See you.....
Me: See you.


I like Nick a lot. He's handling our sex encounters very well. He loves Prince very much just as I love Ivy with one difference; they aren't lovers, but sole friends and Ivy and I are both. I went to the kitchen and made small sandwich. Just as I was about to eat it, my mom called to check if we are coming over for lunch. I confirmed our arrival. She asked how my Price feels and I said that he's OK. She said that she was very sharp on dad and uncle after we left. She didn't let them go to sleep until they both promise they will stop teasing my Prince. I thanked her and gave her my love and I hang up.
Then Ivy and Prince came out of the bedroom. He had big smile on his face. When he approached to me, he knelled, wrapped his arms around my hips and laying his head on my chest he said:
- Honey, please forgive me for being harsh with you. I feel terrible. I'm truly sorry.
I laid my hand on his head and kissing it I replied:
- It's OK, honey. I wasn't angry at you at all. I understand....
Prince (sighing): You are so wonderful.... Much better person then I'll ever be.
Me: aaawwww.... thank you......but, honey ...... you are great and good person...... you are and always be my best.
He lifted up his head and gave me long passionate kiss.


Ivy interrupted us saying smilingly:
- Time out, you two.....
Me: Sorry, Ivy... tell me what happened in the bedroom? What took you so long?
Ivy devilishly smiled and said: 80% of sex, and 20% of talk.
I laughed.
Then Prince sat on my chair and I sat in his lap. Ivy continued:
- Well, when we came into the bedroom, I asked him to lay on the bed with his face down. I bestrode him and set on his ass. Then I started to massage him to relax him and I told him:
"You said you respect Eva's father. Well, I have a bad news for you. He doesn't see it that way.
Prince: What the fuck he wants me to do? How can I show him respect the way he expect from me?"
Ivy: Shut up! I'm talking......... Livio is the man with strong will.... He's patriarchal type of the man. He believes and holds that the man is absolute master of the home and his word is final. Women are submissive creature who serves only for reproduction and man's pleasure. It's not his fault. His father taught him and led him to that direction...... Now, he loves Nada, but he thinks that providing for the family through hard work and protecting it, is the type of love Nada needs and that it is sufficient..... Romance, expressing love and emotions, kisses and hugs are strange to him. He thinks it's for girls, gays and sissies. Lack of romance and expressing feelings are his only handicap. Beside that, he is very good man. He'll do everything for Nada and Eva.... He loves them enormously.. on his "Unique" way.
Prince: But, last time I was there, he hugged me and sobbed.
Ivy: It was his moment of "weakness". He is "rough" guy, but he is not totally emotionless.
(short silence)
Now, when you came in Eva's life and when he saw you being romantic, gentle to her, giving her compliments and similar, he couldn't stand that. He would be much rougher to you but because he saw how much Eva and Nada loves you, he is teasing you and humiliating you. Not because he hates you, but he wanted to influence on you to be like him. He can't "stand" seeing you treating Eva as you do. He thinks it's wrong.
Prince: That's stupid! I would never be like him. Never! I want to show Eva the fullness of my love. She deserve to be loved, and if he doesn't like it, he can fuck off. She dated idiots that was like her father and where did she ended up?!
Ivy (talking to me): I smacked your Prince very hard on the back of his head. I fucking hate when being interrupted when talking something very important. And then I continued:
- if you say one more word, I'm gonna fucking kick your ass.
I explained to him, that he must learn to separate romance when you two are alone and when you are in your parent's house. He must avoid frequent use of honey, love, and similar. But most important among all, he must learn to not let Livio to confuse him. Prince's problem is he's trying to hard to be accepted by Livio and he denies his own opinion just to impress him. He needs to accept Livio's view, but not always and not by denying himself showing how shy and embarrassed he is.
I looked with great love at Ivy and I gave her long deep kiss saying:
- Honey, you said it better then I ever would. Thank you.
Ivy said: woooooow, Princess, let's you and me go to the bedroom now.
I smiled and said: Please continue...
Ivy: well, that was all in general.... I felt that Prince listened to me and he was deep thinking about my words.
Prince: Yes, I did.
Me: And after that?


Ivy: After that, hahahahaha ..... I lifted up his shirt and started to kiss his neck and went down kissing all his back. He became very aroused. Then I told him to lay on his back and I set on his face..... Princes..... he is fantastic with his tongue. The best I ever know.... but you know that... right?
I smiled, kissed my Prince and said to Ivy:
- and then?
Weeeeell, I had incredible orgasm in his mouth. I think it was one of the best oral one I ever had...... Then I let him fuck me in the ass and had another orgasm. I didn't let him cum in my ass but my mouth. I enjoyed in every single drop of his cum......... Princess..... I so envy you for having him.......
I laughed and kissed her again saying:
- Honey, WE ARE having him. You know that I love to share him with you.
Ivy: I know that Princes, and I respect that. I will never do anything that will jeopardize your relationship with him. I'm very happy seeing you guys love each other....


Just when I wanted to say how much I appreciate that, someone rang the bell. It was Nick. I apologize to Ivy for forgetting to tell her that Nick called and that he's on his way here.
My Prince opened the door and when Nick saw him, he shouted (joking of course) holding something in his hands behind his back:
- Aha!!! There you are you filthy snake!!!! I gave you my heart, I gave you my friendship and trust!!! You were like a brother to me!!! And how did you paid me back, you traitor?!?! You fucked the only women I love.... You stubbed the knife in my heart!!!
Then he putted his hands on the front of Prince and he was holding hedge trimmers and clapping with them he shouted:
- Time for the pay off!!! ZIG ZAG ZIG ZAG!!! CASTRATION TIME!!!
Ivy and I blasted in laughter why my Prince started to run around the house.
Nick: Come here you sneaky thief!!!.... It will only take one SNAP!!
Prince laughed hard too and he hid behind Ivy holding her for her arms.
Seeing it Nick shouted: Oh my god!!! You touched her with your filthy hands!!! You desecrated her. I'm gonna chop off your hands too!!!
My Prince couldn't hold it any more. He felt on the ground laughing as crazy while Nick sat on his chest and clapping with hedge trimmers above his head. After we all laughed hard, Nick stood up and we all set in the living room. I offered them with the drinks and Nick said:
- Give me some poison..... I mean something sharp.....
I brought them juices, Vodka and Gin. Nick mixed Vodka and orange juice and we had plain juice. I was sitting on Prince's lap feeling happy seeing him happy. Yea, calling Ivy to sleep over was the right move. Now I know what to do if such a thing happens again.


Nick: Hey, Ugly face... how come Ivy have the keys from your place and I don't?
Prince (teasing him): I didn't give it to her.. Eva did.
Nick: I don't give a fuck who gave what to whom. I want a copies of my keys too.
Ivy: Nick, babe... we'd share mine copies.
Nick (joking): I don't want your filthy keys!!! (Holding his hand wide open and stretched toward Prince).... I want Ugly face to give me my copy of keys.
Prince laughed and said: Bro, listen.... feel free to make a copy of Ivy's keys.
Nick: NO!!! I want your keys...... Hand them to me now!!!
Prince laughed and he went to his jacked and taking his keys he gave them to Nick. Nick took them and putted into his packet.
Nick: Now, justice is served!
Me: Nick, I don't have a problem with you having the keys from our flat, but, just asking; why do you need them since Ivy already have a copy?
Nick: Don't play naive French room maid on me!!! You know it very well...... (short silence)
Me: Sorry, I don't.
Nick: Well, if my sluttish babe have 24 hours access to your place to fuck with both of you, then I want to have it too, so I can fuck you!!!
We all laughed and I said to him:
- Well, in that case, you can have them.


Then I looked at the clock and I noticed that it is the time to get ready to go to my parents for lunch. I apologize to them saying that we must get ready and that we have to go, but they can stay if they want..
Nick said: You are not going anywhere....
We all looked at him wondering what does he mean. Then my Prince said:
- What do you mean: we are not going anywhere you skeleton?!
Nick: Shut up, you monster!.... You will leave this brothel only and after I see Princess dressing up.
We all laughed and I called him to the bedroom.
I stripped completely naked and I bent down showing him my ass.
Nick: Wooooooow, babe...... you have perfect ass.....
He approached to me and placing his hips on my ass he grabbed my breasts and squeezing them, he deep kissed me. When we finished he slapped my butt and said:
Next time we come, your ass is mine.
I smiled and replied: Of course, Nick. Always.
Then he left our bedroom and returning my Prince's keys to him he said:
- Take your stinky keys back... I don't need them.
Prince: But you can keep them, Nick... We gonna make new copies for me tomorrow.
Nick tapped him on his cheek saying:
- Thank you, Ugly face.... I was just joking about the keys. If I would need them, I will take them from Ivy.
Prince: Are you sure?
Nick: Of course..,,,,Stop bugging me.


While I was dressing up, Ivy deep kissed Prince and then me. Before they left I thanked Ivy for the help. She smiled and said she'll call me tonight.
When Prince and I were ready to go, we locked the place and sat in the car. He wanted me to drive. Before we started, I cuddled his cheek and said:
- Honey, all that Ivy said about my father was right. Try to remember it and don't give him a chance to embarrass you and to humiliate you.
Prince kissed me and promised he'll do his best. Then we left.



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Well, the title says it all :)

And Nick seems indeed caring of Prince, also quite funny, I very much smiled and laughed reading the call phone at the beginning.

Great friends both.

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LOL - Thank you. Nick is hilarious. Loves to fooling around all the time. And he turns on Eva's ass very much. I'm glad he does ;)

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