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Ashe and the Jarl: A Favor





Hey all, I made another short story on Ashe and how she uses her... charms to her advantage. It's a short and dirty story and I had fun making it! :D


NOTE: This story contains NSFW scenes, but I'll put them in a spoiler tag!


Part 1:



Ashe: Hello my Jarl, I was told to meet you if I had any concerns.


Jarl Balgruuf: Welcome citizen, yes of course, and how may I be of help to you today?




Ashe: Well you see my Jarl, I have a bit of a.... favor to ask of you.




Jarl Balgruuf: A favor? Depending on what it is you are asking, I may or may not be able to grant you some assistance.




Ashe: Haha, well you see, I've been travelling around the lands for a very long time, and I was wondering.... that I might want to settle down here for a little bit, maybe in a nice home perhaps?




Jarl Balgruuf: Why of course, simply go to Proventus, my Steward, and he will gladly find you a nice home here in Whiterun Hold. For a price of course!




Ashe: Well now that's the problem I've been having my Jarl... I might not exactly have enough gold to pay for the house. But surely... there must be some other way I can... "pay"?




Jarl Balgruuf: Little Elf, surely, you are not trying to seduce me into giving you a free estate here in my hold, are you!?




Ashe: Perhaps not as much seduction as.... asking for a favor, of course, I will pay for it in kind, maybe we can spend all night discussing the... terms and conditions?




Jark Balgruuf: I have never seen such disrespect. GUARDS!!


Ashe: Now hold on just a minute my Jarl...



Part 2:




Ashe: What if I.....




Ashe: ...give you a little peak as to what I have in store for you!


Jarl Balgruuf: (By the Gods!)




Jarl Balgruuf: .... very well little elf, but no one else must know about this.


Ashe: Of course my Jarl, I know how to keep my lips tight.... now how about seeing them in action?






Ashe: *Grabs his cock* Oh my, you've been hiding quite the package haven't you, my Jarl?


Jarl Balgruuf: By the Gods, you are beautiful, and such a delicate touch.


Ashe: I hope you dont mind...




Ashe: ... if I have a little taste! *slurp*


Jarl Balgruuf: By the Eight, I feel like I can ascend to Sovngarde!


Ashe: *slurp* Don't worry *slurp* I'll make you feel even better!




Ashe: Ahh!! Hehe, your dick slipped right in.... nghhh....


Jarl Balgruuf: Only because you were already so wet down there my dear.


Ashe: Well, it's not everyday... mmm... that I get to taste the cock of Royalty.... ahh!!




Ashe: mmmm.... deeper my Jarl.... I can feel you hard cock shaping my pussy.... oh my god....


Jarl Balgruuf: Gah... keep moving my dear, I can feel your insides tightening.




Ashe: Ahhhhh!! Yes! My jarl, if I had known that we were this compatible, I would've skipped the small talk...


Jarl Balgruuf: Ohhh..... now it's my turn dear.




Ashe: Oh fuck..... you're driving into me so hard.... and so deep... fuckkkk,,,,, deeper my Jarl, deeper!!


Jarl Balgruuf: Oh damn it all!




Jarl Balgruuf: Such a beautiful ass you have...


Ashe: Ahh....ahhh!! Thank you my Jarl....




Ashe: Ohh... harder... please fuck me harder!! Oh no... oh no no no no... I'm going to... I'm going to CUMMMM!!!!


Jarl Balgruuf: Gah! So tight, receive my cum slut, take it!!






Ashe: For an old man, you sure have a lot of stamina, and not to mention a lot stored up...




Ashe: ....and it tastes amazing.




Jarl Balgruuf: Such talent you have little elf! I could not believe how good that felt. Tell Proventus that I have given you my express permission to own an estate. You may take my small cottage back in Riverwood, I haven't used the place for years, but I am sure it will be enough,


(a few minutes later)




Ashe: Uhh... hey, are you Proventus?




Proventus Avenicci: Yes ma'am, that I am. Now why are you bothering me? As you can see I am-!?




Proventus Avenicci: (By the Gods, could that stuff around her mouth be what I think it is?)


Ashe: I was told to approach you by the Jarl, he said you can get me the keys to his Riverwood Estate.


Proventus Avenicci: The Riverwood Estate? Are you telling me that the Jarl has given you the rights to his estate?


Ashe: Pretty much.


Proventus Avenicci: How could you have possi- Never mind, don't answer that. I don't want to know. Just take the keys. Also ma'am, please wipe your face after this.


Ashe: Oh! Hahaha, looks like I was just a bit too excited after getting a new house!


(The next morning)




Ashe: A rundown old cottage huh? Those people really do live in the lap of luxury, this place is huge!


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