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TM : Escape from Helgen



A soft breeze stickled Tokis nose, causing him to wake up. He still kept his eyes close and enjoyed the fresh air, letting his mind drift away to the memories of more innocent days. The image of a young boy strolling through the forests appeard in front of his inner eye, causing him to smile about his own childhood; even though he was alone most of his life, those were good days back then.


The carriage hits a hole in the poorly built road and shakes the driver and the passengers as well. This rather rough shaking made Toki feel his several wounds again, forcing him to press his teeth together to resist the pain. Three arrows had pierced his body, two in his stomack and one in his chest, making it difficult to breath. He was covered by countless wounds caused by the blades of both legioneers and Stormcloak soldiers as he tried to fight against hundrets of men. Steel kissed steel and blood was spilled, but Toki wasn't able to defy the amount of men on his own, so soon his weakened body trumbled and fell next to his hysterically screaming companion who was unable to defend herself due to the panic the horses caused in her.


They got captured and now were transported to an unknown location. Marina pressed herself against him, trying her best to ignore her phobia that had driven them into this situation. She was unharmed, but probably still in an even worse condition than himself was, so Toki tried to comfort her, hugging her and whispering into her ear that everything will be ok. The sobbing became weaker and Marina pressed herself deeper into his shoulder.


Soon the carriage stopped and Toki looked up; they were in Helgen, a small settlement he used to visit a few times back in his childhood. The prisoners were told to get up and stand in two lines, so he lifted her up and carried her down, giving her a kiss on her cheek as they descended.

Imperials and their beloved lists. They called one name after another, and those who had been called went to another carriage that should carry them further to Solitude. A few minutes later only Toki was left, barely able to hold his companion anymore. Sadistically the Imperial scribe grinned and waited until the last bit of strenght left Toki's body.


The wounds started to bleed again, making him scream in pain, but he held out for an whole hour before he dropped Marina and himself on the ground, breathing heavily and suffering an incedible agony. Laughing about the show he had witnessed the Imperial pointed at Marina and ordered the headsman to do his duty.


She was lifted up and her neck was exposed to the blade craving to take her head.

"No...", whispered while he stared at the axe: "Let her go..."

Again the Imperial laughed, and put his hand at his ear to hear better: "Did you say anything, you filthy animal?".

"Let her go".

"Oh, I am sorry, but this little whore deserves to die. Look, just a few moments and you kan kiss her severed head!".


His body was weak, he had no strenght left, the pain prevented him to stand up and fight. Toki's eyes were filled with the terror as the headsman raised his axe to take Marina's head.

But behind all the sobbing and crying he heard Marina's begging: "Toki...please..."

His eyes widened and a manly tear ran down his cheek. Dispair left his mind, anger rushed through his numb limbs, causing him to almost burst out of fury. His pain, his agony drifted away, he felt nothing but hate anymore.


Anger. Fury. Hate. They pushed his weaked body to the limits, gathering every last piece of strenght he could find. He screamed loudly, shouting out his boiling fury.




Helgen trembled. The unrelenting force of his Thu'um caused walls to break and houses to fall, the earth itself bowed to the power of his voice filled with anger.

20 men charged at him with their weapons drawn. He rushed towards the headsman, took away his axe and cracked his skull with it.


Still furiously screaming and shouting he fought the soldiers, taking them out one by one, every blow severed a limb or killing one of them, spilling their blood on the ground.

A few moments later he stood on a hill of corpses, breathing heavily. Exhaustion and pain cought his body and he fell on the ground, his mind getting dark and blank.


After a time that may either have been seconds or eons he woke up again in a small and dirty cave. Marina stroked his cheek with her hand and smiled warmly, and he clearly could see her eternal gratitude in her amber eyes. She opened a bottle of ale, let him drink it and then layed down next to him, embraced him, not letting him go until he was well again.

She whispered into his ear "Thank you", and purred.


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