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Making of... Leather & Lace

Wicked Loveth


Hello Friends~


I haven't posted in a long while. I'm still working on my epic project, however during movie night I came across a song that inspired me to do a quickie. Unfortunately, Windows 10 tried to hijack my second computer and we've spent about three days trying to undo the damage. Thankfully, the footage I had already shot and the pictures I'd already taken were salvaged. I still have a couple more scenes to shoot and maybe a few more to redo but that's neither here nor there.


For all intents and purposes, this is going to be a rather short entry. I'm just here to share pixels and I would normally do so in my Wicked Play blog but since these are stills from one of my films, I decided to do an entry here. I guess this is one of those "where the hell do I put this?" kinda thing.


As I've said a few times before, I don't like to spoil my projects but I absolutely love how these pictures (and the filmed scenes) turned out. I love the colors, the shadows, and the depth and of course I love these two sims. I can't take credit for Llyren because I downloaded a sim and changed him a bit. I have no head for designing Sims, all of mine turn out looking the same.... but I adore how he turned out after my tinkering. I darkened his skin, removed his scars (he's a vampire, of course he should be flawless!), and changed his hair.


As for Lace, she's my favorite callgirl Sim. So I had to make her the epitome of my Sim dolls. For this film I removed her tattoos and gave her a very glamorous look. Llyren is very rich, it's only fitting that she show up looking elegant and refined.


Lol -- anyway, enjoy the pics and I hope to have the film up before Wednesday.






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Brilliant shots my friend. She is hot as hell :) Love the outfit on her. All compliments.

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Brilliant shots my friend. She is hot as hell :) Love the outfit on her. All compliments.


Thanks! She definitely stepped her game up. Should've. She charged him 25 grand. xD

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Thanks! The computer just finished resetting itself, I think. If nothing else happens, I should be able to grind all night and get it done. Finally. ><

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