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Chapter 4- My first day at work



Perfect day to start working, Cassey enters Roberto's house and finds him in his gym... Cassey flirtatiously stands in front of him.
Well, boss, where do I start?
Roberto stares through the mirror and sees a small round ass that he can't wait to eat.
He notices how his dick starts to grow and he gets off the machine.
Tell me, Cassey, do you like sports?
Oh yes, I love it, at my house I used to run on the treadmill every day... it's been a long time since I did that.
Climb up if you want" says Roberto, giving him the way and getting behind to see the view...




She starts to walk fast and takes the opportunity to wiggle...
Roberto is not her type of man but she loves to feel desired and it amuses her to see how Roberto tries to hide his erection.
She knows he's watching her and wiggles more....
Well, that's enough, clean the bathroom and when you're done order me the bills- she orders him and leaves.
Cassey remains thoughtful
"Is he angry? Have I been too provocative?" 




When Cassey finishes, she starts to sort the bills... what a lot of money, this guy is a millionaire!!! 
Concentrating on the bills, she notices hands on her neck that start to massage her neck.
It's Roberto and he's making her horny, noticing how her nipples stand up...
Roberto says in her ear: 
You can go now honey, you've done very well, if you keep this up you'll be promoted quickly.
He gives her the envelope with the money and leaves.




Cassey opens the envelope and receives 200 per day and another 200 with a note: Thanks for the show.
Before leaving, Cassey wants to say goodbye to Roberto and thank him for the extra money and goes into his room without knocking... and finds him masturbating... but he has not noticed Cassey's presence...




Cassey is shocked to see him masturbating loudly and moaning... 
Cassey carefully leaves the house and on her way home, notices how her panties are soaking wet.
She can't wait to get home and masturbate. He needs to cum!




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