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Chapter 03- Meeting the girls



Time to meet the girls.
Young, beautiful and hot, but each one with a story.

Let's start 





Mariela Johnson, of Nordic origins, fled her country of origin because of an abusive ex-boyfriend, turning her into a distrustful, cold and calculating person.
She is 24 years old and has a cordial relationship with her boss Roberto, he commands, she executes.
Because of her way of being she has gained the absolute trust of Roberto who has included her in the drug business and together with Enzo they distribute more drugs in the club.
The clients who demand her services are submissive, men who need a dominant woman, self-confident and without limits.





We continue with the sweet girl Sara Williams of Cuban origin but born in the Bronx... fed up with the precariousness she moves to the big city with a dream similar to our protagonist ....
She wants to be a singer and dancer... for the moment she has only danced at Roberto's club "The Dolls Club".
She has an innocent appearance and she is a very sweet and delicate girl... 
The clients that go with Sara, need to recover that sweetness that they think women have lost, they need to feel powerful and admired and Sara knows how to satisfy all their desires.





And last but not least, the jewel in the crown... the most coveted girl in the club, Roberto's favorite and also his mistress.... she's Olivia

Born and raised in New York, she is a girl who has had to grow up very fast due to the bad life she has had, her drug addict father and her mother abandoned them.
Tired of hardship, she moves to Sol Valey and starts working as a waitress at the club.
Little by little she falls in love with Roberto until they maintain a pseudo relationship in secret from his wife, Octavia.
Olivia hopes that Roberto will leave his wife and go with her, but Roberto would never marry a whore.

Olivia is a strong and decisive woman but tremendously submissive to Roberto who does everything he wants, thus becoming the most expensive whore in the club.

She is explosive and the clients who want to fuck her are clients who are looking for hardcore sex in every hole, threesomes and orgies...

Now that you know the girls .... Which one is your favorite?




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That girl Sara reminds me of Gina from the Scarface movie. Besides they are both Cuban, what a coincidence 🤔


She's my favorite for sure!

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wow that's true haha I hadn't thought of that... by the way, great taste in film!!!

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