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 Join me in this hot story of Cassie, a whimsical 18-year-old girl who comes from a wealthy family and wants to be a model no matter what.


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Chapter 13- Mom? Dad?? WTF!!

What a beautiful home Jameson, don't you think? exclaims Caroline, Cassie's mother. Yes, it's not bad," says Jameson, Cassie's father. Cassie's parents have decided to visit their daughter and have been able to enter because they know that their daughter always leaves a copy hidden. She won't be back from the photo shoot until tonight," says Jameson, settling into the armchair in his daughter's bedroom. The father notices an aura and a smell similar to the clubs he frequents. Smells

Chapter 12- Filling holes....

Cassie is still exhausted remembering the pussy food Big Wishkey provided her with.... so much that she barely notices Matias fingering her pussy.... You're wet baby- says Matias'. If you only knew... - she thinks... While they're in bed, Big Wishkey enters the room. What are you doing here," Cassie shouts. Fuck fuck fuck- exclaims Matias, knowing that being Roberto's partner he would tell him everything... This is Roberto's house and he gives it to you, I am his partner and I hav

Chapter 11- Big Wiskey and his naughty tongue

A few days later, Cassie is scheduled for a photo shoot by Big Wishkey... she's finally going to meet him .... She has to make a good impression on him... When she arrives she is made up and dressed for the photo session.... as she starts she sees a very sexy dark-haired man enter and stares at her. It must be him... His presence makes Cassie start to get wet... he's gorgeous and he's hot... nothing like Roberto.           Big Wish

Chapter 10 - Take the big step?

Cassie was doing yoga when she got the call from Roberto. I'm on my way to the house, we need to talk Cassie was afraid that he had found out about her and Matias... but no, Roberto was in the mood for sex... Well Cassie .... I have been watching you and you are a great employee, the house is very clean and you take good care of my kids, that's the most important thing... but I think you would have a great potential as a dancer in my club- said Roberto. Cassie gets excited be

Chapter 09 -Reconciliation?

The next morning Cassei receives a repentant Matias at home. Matias explains to him that if he works for Roberto, they can't even be friends because they don't have to deal with women...  A few years ago, a former colleague had a sentimental relationship with a girl .... and well, they both disappeared," he says. Cassie is petrified but also excited.... Cassei loves the forbidden and she knows that Matias likes her... so she slyly pulls down a strap, exposing her breasts with her hard n

Chapter 08 - Life is wonderful

Cassie has earned Olivia's respect, she has become best friends with Sara, her friendship with Matias is becoming more and more special, and at work she has gotten a raise at work because she is also nanny to Octavia and Roberto's new baby. Although she needs more money, she wants to go every week to the hairdresser's, shopping, spa...   Her friend Sara helps her because she has a website where she uploads erotic photos to make some extra money. Cassie, who is ambitious, sta

Chapter 07 - Rave!!!

Looking forward to her day off, Cassey goes out partying at a rave.... she still has some pills left from the other night.... she knows how to have fun on her own.The good thing about Cassey is that she doesn't mind going to places alone, she is independent in that sense, that's because she spent all her childhood alone since her parents worked a lot. Cassey opens her eyes and realizes that it is daytime and she is dancing alone.... Are you finished? - says a voice in the distance... Ca

Chapter 06 - At the girls' house

Rumor has it that Roberto has a new employee at home?- says Sara Olivia looks sideways with a sour face as she sits next to Mariela. Yes, I saw her the day of his interview.... she's a beautiful girl, blonde, slim, sweet, innocent, blue eyes.... no tattoos- describes her challenging Olivia who doesn't like Roberto having a "new girl".  Stop it - shouts Olivia - Roberto won't replace me...I do to him what his old lady would never do to him. Mariela and Sara laugh Just kidding! We say it

Chapter 05 - Dismissal?

After that fantastic day of work, Roberto proposes to Cassey to be a waitress for the weekend at a friend's party. She has never been a waitress Don't worry honey, you get sexy... Cassey puts on her best dress and goes to work serving drinks, notices how the customers stare at her and at the end of the night they even offer her drugs... MDMA? Why not?       The next day with a horrible hangover there's a knock on the door and it's Octavia.... What does Robert

Chapter 4- My first day at work

Perfect day to start working, Cassey enters Roberto's house and finds him in his gym... Cassey flirtatiously stands in front of him. Well, boss, where do I start? Roberto stares through the mirror and sees a small round ass that he can't wait to eat. He notices how his dick starts to grow and he gets off the machine. Tell me, Cassey, do you like sports? Oh yes, I love it, at my house I used to run on the treadmill every day... it's been a long time since I did that. Climb up if you w

Chapter 03- Meeting the girls

Time to meet the girls. Young, beautiful and hot, but each one with a story. Let's start        Mariela Johnson, of Nordic origins, fled her country of origin because of an abusive ex-boyfriend, turning her into a distrustful, cold and calculating person. She is 24 years old and has a cordial relationship with her boss Roberto, he commands, she executes. Because of her way of being she has gained the absolute trust of Roberto who has included her in the drug

Chapter 02- Getting to know LORE

Although it is well known that Roberto is a womanizer, he has to keep up appearances with his wife Octavia. She is no longer attractive to him... the years go by and now he satiates himself with the girls in his club. I know you are impatient to meet them but first I am going to introduce you to his club employees who have become great friends after so many years. Guys, shall we meet? In a few weeks a hottie named Cassey will be joining the club, she's a hottie!    

Chapter 01- Job Interview

Our protagonist is called Cassie Tilbury, she is 18 years old and is a capricious, ambitious and snobbish girl. Since she was a little girl she has had it all, her parents, reputable businessmen in the cosmetics industry, have indulged her every whim, making her a teenager who believes she can do whatever she wants without suffering any consequences...     Even at the end-of-year party she was found in an affectionate position with her Literature teacher... Cassie does whatev
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