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Scenes From The Life Of A Young Dragonborn [Chapter 5/2] - Killer Tranquility








Tel Mithryn, Solstheim

Aeliana: Master Neloth, we need your help!
Neloth: Well-well, the hero does not know what to do. Tell me what is it about?

Aeliana: In the records of a mage named Remigius Lonius, he mentions you several times when he wanted to have the contents of an Elder Scroll translated by a blind humanoid creature living in isolation somewhere in Skyrim.
Neloth: A hedonistic Remigius? His sickly orgies were notorious, which is partly why he was ostracized by the magical society. 
Yes, he's been to my house several times, but it was many years ago. He sought the knowledge he believed was hidden in an Elder Scroll. He had it in his mind that he wanted to become an Incubus and gain eternal youth. I think Sheogorath's been laughing in his grip ever since.

Serana: Do you know where we can find this creature? We also have an Elder Scroll, and it's very important that we find out what's in it.

Neloth: I don't know exactly, but I do know that he is a loyal servant and confidant of Hermaeus Mora.
Aeliana: Is there any way to summon her? 
Neloth: To make contact with him, you must first become intimately acquainted with Mora.
Aeliana: Why am I not surprised... Is there any way to do that? I guess you don't just yell out into the world, "Hey Mora, I want to talk to you, it's really important!"


Neloth: Aeliana, you should know that the Daedra Gods are always waiting for an offering, in return for a gift, and then decide if you're worthy to be communicated with. On rare occasions, they will seek you out themselves, but I doubt you have time to wait for that... Speaking of which, you've had experience with this, haven't you? Stop playing naive...
Aeliana: Do you know about it? How do you know?

Neloth: I am a master wizard of Telvanni, perhaps the greatest that ever lived. One of my specialties is recognizing when someone is under the influence of a spell, especially if it is a Daedra God. Mephala, I presume?

Aeliana: I am an open book for you. If so, you know the price of such an alliance.

Neloth: Of course, but you chose this yourself. In hindsight, it is a pity to regret, either you fulfill your end of the bargain, or a terrible revenge will be exacted. 
Anyway, we digress, if you wish to make contact with Mora, if I were you I would pay a visit to old Septimus Signus, the man I was sent to by the Collage. 
He thinks Kagrenac's devices or blueprints of them, are hidden in that Dwemer device, he found in the ice, but it's actually one of Mora's greatest works of art, but I won't spoil the joke for you, go find out for yourself.

Serana: Thank you Master Neloth, we'd better get going.


Aeliana: Wait, I want to ask you something. I found a strange book in the Collage area that I couldn't use. 
Then strange creatures appeared out of nowhere and attacked me as if they were guarding it. 

Neloth: It must have been a Black Book, these books are the link between Mora and his realm, Apokripha. 
If only you had looked more closely here on Solstheim, and not just licked the feet of Councilor Morvayn,
you might have found a few, including I have one too.

Serana: Isn't there some way to contact him through this?

Neloth: If you've been paying attention, Aeliana couldn't use the book for a reason, unless there's a confidential connection, there's no access to the realm.
I keep this book here for study only, but I am not at liberty to read it, or rather, I don't want to.

Aeliana: Thank you for the guidance.

Neloth: You're welcome. If you get results, please visit me again, and then there is work for people like you to do here in Solstheim.

Aeliana: I will not forget.


Aeliana: Why do I feel that just because I'm the Dragonborn, all the tasks fall to me?

Sofia: No one is forcing you to do it, just like they didn't force you to join the legion and beat the rebellion. Yet that's what you felt was right. That's one of the things I admire about you, such power in your hands, yet you're not afraid to use it to good ends.

Aeliana: I did a lot of things for selfish reasons, not just for the people and their plight.

Serana: But you did, and that doesn't change the point, you could have made a different choice. You know, I've been thinking, and I forgive you, I've done a lot of stupid things since I met you, it would be duplicitous to blame you for anything. We got into this together, we're gonna get out of it together.

Aeliana: Speaking of which, I don't like the fact that Molag Bal hasn't contacted us since then, although and I'm sure he'd enjoy being a puppet in charge of someone.

Serana: I've thought of that, I think we should be happy as long as he leaves us alone.

Aeliana: I agree, but at the same time I would like to be prepared for anything unexpected, if there is such a thing...

Sofia: Can you tell me what this is about?

Serana: We'll tell you at a suitable time, but we should go now.

Aeliana: She have the right to know that we have made an alliance with Molag to defeat Harkon.

Sofia: That is clear, but what have you given in return?

Serana: We are at the mercy of his capricious behavior, essentially. 

Aeliana: I can't decide which was more insane, this or being Mephala's servant.

Sofia: No matter what you do Leana, I will stand by you. At the same time, I don't think you could have done anything more stupid.

Serana: If I had seen a better way, believe me I would have left the whole thing the hell alone.

Sofia: So you got her into this, I should have known...

Aeliana: Girls, enough, we really don't have time for this. But there's one thing we need to talk about quickly.

Serana: What is it?
Aeliana: I guess it is worth looking for Auri-El's bow now. Harkon is weak, perhaps we can defeat him without the bow, if we attack Volkihar Castle with the Dawnguard army.
Serana: Looks like a trap. Speaking of which, Molag Bal was suspiciously willing, I mean, he only asked us for what he wanted in return, that's not like Lord of Domination. I have a feeling he has something in store for us.



Aeliana: I suggest we stay here for the night and then head north. The voyage was exhausting.

Serana: Alright, although there is still tension in the city, many are not happy about Ulfric's downfall. Don't wander too much alone.


Aeliana: I'm just having a beer at the New Gnisis Cornerclub, they already know me there, I'll be fine.

Sofia: Okay, but don't stay too long. We'll be at the inn, we'll rent you a room too.


Later, New Gnisis Cornerclub

Aeliana: I don't know if the path I'm on is the right one. I have committed terrible sins, but people celebrate because I helped them. If they knew the Dragonborn was a nymphomaniac whore, would they still think that? Do my virtues outweigh my sins?


Soldeir: It is you, isn't it? The legendary Dragonborn who helped my people?

Aeliana: Yes, it's me. I'm sorry, but I'm not really in the mood to talk right now.


Soldier: I don't mean to be pushy, I just want you to know that you are a hero in the eyes of my people. Many have condemned us for slavery, saying that the eruption of Red Mountain and the Argonian invasion were punishment from the gods. We must fight, for whichfor abandoning our old beliefs. What do you believe, Dragonborn?


Aeliana: My beliefs do not matter, only how I act. I feel I have done good, and you are proof of that.

Soldier: Wise thoughts. Ulfric has paid the price for proclaiming himself Lord of the North while trampling the rights of other peoples in the mud. So let us drink to our saviour!

A few drinks later

Aeliana: Hmm, I can't help myself, please take me!

Soldier: Your request is my command, Little Dragon.

Aeliana: W-where am I? What's happening to me?!


Molag Bal: We have made a deal, minion of Mephala, that worm Harkon is no longer a threat to anyone only himself, but we have a little more to discuss with you.

Aeliana: Let me go! What do you want from me?

Molag Bal: Surely Serana has filled you in on the details, and you know that how someone is going to be Coldharbour's daughter.


Aeliana: Leave me alone you monster, you can't kill me, you need me.

Molag Bal: Who said I wanted to kill you? I only expect humility, so you know who you're dealing with! Calm down, I won't be rude, so muuuuch...! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Aeliana: Nooooo....!!!
























Molag Bal: You see that Mephala???! See that?! Look what I'm doing to your champion!


If you cross me again, you can hide in the farthest reaches of your web-ridden realm, and I will still find you and devour you! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!


Mephala: Let her go Molag, don't you ever learn from your mistakes? You are blinded by a morbid narcissism, and that will be your undoing.
Molag Bal: Do you think you have power over me or any of the others?

Mephala: We are our own masters. Your threats are empty, go ahead, visit me and we'll see if your mouth is as big as it should be! However, I think it's not worth fighting over a mortal, especially since we can both benefit from her existence.

Molag Bal: What's with this grovelling talk? I expected more from you!

Mephala: I was just pointing out one possibility. After Nerevarine and the Champion of Cyrodiil, we have found someone who can help us. We can shape Nirn into anything we want. You are blind if you do not see this. Mehrunes Dagon's invasion was too drastic, and unwittingly drew the attention of the Aedra. We, on the other hand, can do the same thing quietly and mostly unnoticed, all we need is a puppet with more power and influence than other mortals.

Molag Bal: To my deep sorrow, there is something in what you are fearfully telling me here. But if that is so, the others should know it. They will all want a piece of it. I'll share nothing with anyone, including you!


Mephala: You missed that, however, I can promise you that I will not stand in your way, whatever your purpose with the Dragonborn, except her humiliation and destruction.
Molag Bal: I'll think about it, but I warn you, don't get in my way again! See you again!


Mephala: Wake up mortal, countless stray souls are waiting for you to give meaning to their existence! Go and do what you must!

And all the bad memories will be gone in one fell swoop...

...it's over!















Aeliana: How did I get here? Something terrible happened to me, but I can't recall the details... 

The next day

Serana: Since you woke up, you hardly speak to us. Is everything okay? What happened at the bar?

Aeliana: Nothing's wrong, just maybe a little too much to drink.

Sofia: This is a familiar situation.


Aeliana: Listen, I decided we should tell Isran to get his crew together as soon as he can. We need to attack the castle.

Serana: We've discussed this, it sounds too easy. 
Aeliana: I know, but I had a vision last night in which I got clear signs that Harkon is very weak, despite Elisha's support and his obsession with the prophecy, it's over.

Serana: Why do I get the feeling that these visions have something to do with Molag Bal? What if he is deliberately trying to lead us in the wrong direction?
Aeliana: Believe me, I am absolutely sure of what I am doing. Okay, something happened to me last night, I can't remember exactly what, one moment I was in the pub and then suddenly I found myself in a completely different place. My memories are foggy, but what I remember clearly is that Molag Bal says: Harkon is a danger only to himself. It was too honest a moment to be a lie.
Serana: Okay, I don't want to interrogate you, but I'm sceptical. Not that I'm all that concerned about the fate of the Dawnguard soldiers, but if Harkon is waiting for us at the height of his powers, they could all die.


Aeliana: I will take responsibility for them. The risk is small.

Serana: What about the Scroll and Auri-El's bow? 
Aeliana: We will look for it, and also the creature that Neloth spoke of, he may know something else that can be of use to us. 


...but right now, other things take priority!


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