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Reconstruction In Progress



Working on rebuilding my Skyrim setup as I consider returning to modding. Gamefever's work with UUNP converts is forcing me to reevaluate my previous position against more bodyslide friendly work (now that I've seen they can in fact be done for UUNP with some quality), and I might - might - be looking to support the approach in future for at least some things.


I'm transitioning my install to use my customized bodyslide preset and gamefever's work saved me a LOT of duplicated effort, especially where Devious Devices are concerned. I'll be testing the high-poly vanilla stuff next.


Currently I promise nothing because that's backfired on me more than a few times. But I'm looking to get started again. We'll see if the urge holds up.


EDIT: soooooooo


either I goofed something when I generated the enhanced skyrim HD meshes with bodyslide, or I'm going to have to go back to the drawing board for a number of my vanilla replacements.


Not sure which yet.


But the good news is, aside from that detail: Skyrim is, for the moment, seemingly stable and very pretty. Granted that I'm only about halfway through the STEP guide.


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