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The Paradise Predator (Graphic Novel) Part Five





The Paradise Predator (Graphic Novel)


Part 5


Visited on Her sleep


Carla arrived home at 9:30 PM, It felt good to finally be at home after that all weird day at the Biolab,

Things were going on schedule  and if nothing goes against it in 2 days she would go to the Island at last !

This last days with all the commotion about everything related to  it  it was like everyone at the biolab was in tension,

but that didn't stop the expedition preparation from being made correctly .

After a quick shower that tasted like Heaven  she went to the kitchen to have some food ,


it felt good finally be able to cook something good and eat a normal home meal, lately she had not eat properly 

this was far to good and now she was ready to sleep , she was feeling really tired and this last nights she haven't slept 

very much, so she was completely surrendered and entered a deep sleep in less than 5 minutes...

b907e7006f91d47e26f91cbc70ebff4d.thumb.jpg.39e2fa888351fa26176d4bf7229c1167.jpgCarla saw Azazel apear in her dream , thought she wasn't  sure if it was like last nights or just a dream..

Azazel 0.jpg

Hello my cutie ,are you listening to me you hot thing...

" Yeah I am , you have to begin by understanding that I need to sleep , humans need to sleep .- Replied Carla in her dream.

1088218359_Azazel1.jpg.a305d3d3c68fc034adbf74876b83ddf0.jpgDo you feel tired during the day ? 

You don't and you know why , cause i do not cause lack of sleep on you or in this way of contact .

-Ha, now that you said it , no I don't feel tired during the day at work.- She replied  in agreement 

-But what are we talking about today than , what do you want ?- Asked Carla gently 

" God that body , just look at that body, such a perfect  creature, and that amazing Cock even in flaccid state

it a monster, I can't resist that all body not even just her face "- Thought Carla 


I want to ask your forgiveness for making things so unclear and explain myself like you knew what I was saying,

I do not  realize the confusion you must have in your mind this days and for sure doubts about me ,

cause your all knowledge about what am i its based on incorrect studies . I want to give you the opportunity 

to be with me and  let me show you what I am, also I dressed myself now so that you do not feel uncomfortable 

with  my naked body !

" I have doubts yes  , a lot of them , and yes the readings I had  to know more about you were everything but conclusive ,

so what do you propose , I'll be in the Island in 2 days so till than we can not speak face to face ..."


Ok But I want to see you face to Face now, and I can do that if you allow me to and ask that from me .

" By the way That is a hot and sexy outfit you have on , but explain to me cause I do not understand how can you make us be face to face now !"


Haaa the realms ...remember time and place of what I said about my realm,

the concept of time its different for you than it is for me and in my realm,

But there is also the alternative realm , the one you saw in your dreams was my alternative one

each of the  4 Chargzuk have the ability to create one alternative realm , there we can be in peace and reflect on life

and there we can take our sexual conquests or concubines or just be there to study , I can create a lapse of time ,

a portal to let you in from your sleep, but  you can not be there forever you'll have limited time like 3 hours in your time frame

or you will turn into my sex slave or concubine , But for  me to call you there you must be the one to ask me to invite you there

I can not do it against your will, that is why its a peaceful place...

Carla thought deeply in what she said , she wanted to touch that body but what if the books told the truth..


Are you doubting my intentions ?

I could never hurt you, we are linked in the Rings of Life , the same rings that brought us together,

my intentions are good , I want to feel you and let you feel me , I want to give you this reward , well not reward more of a gift ,

and by sex contact show you what I am and that I only want you to feel my true nature not  what your books made  of me 

a totally wrong concept based on ignorance and envy...

... but I understand your fears and doubts and cause I value them I will 

just stay like this talking with you ...It feels me with peace and purpose .

"WOW" - thought Carla . 

She was in love with that beautiful Woman, and tempted to ask her and say yes to take her there ,

What could happen  , nothing but that sexy hot Woman fucking her senselessly that for sure would be the most unique experience in the world.

1189678195_Azazel6.jpg.b554f5e2e00fd1d4b4a91080c5e019bd.jpgYou don't trust me ?

even if I never done you no harm ...

591227043_Azazel7.jpg.4d81a6c568048103b67265efc18f2973.jpgYou shouldn't  fear me ever...

9476010_Azazel8.jpg.316340e4264da390f30943d2b401d994.jpgBut yet you do not trust me and fear me ...Why?

1705155374_Azazel9.jpg.31999a7bda24a94334e5c962b4a69b15.jpgNo reply ....

I understand ,this is what wrong concepts make in people...

291661832_Azazel10.jpg.aebe7b4d3bb28c9ac29fcb0a1e2ed956.jpgEven if I say that I just want to feel you with my seed , and fuck you really good ? 919042525_Azazel13.jpg.b72c7feabf18a6c5dce2379e607cafaf.jpg

Do you like my body ?

" Like its not the problem, and yes I like your body , specially your huge Cock "

Carla couldn't believe she just told her that and in that way...


Ha my cock , and its in half size now , you should be here to taste it and feel it ...


Once inside you you'll never want another ...

" YES... yes , take me to you !"- There it was done thought Carla

" And let God be my judge if I am wrong but I feel she doesn't want to hurt me " -She thought ..


Wonderful baby , you will never regret this  ...

400320387_Azazel19.jpg.5238263301d53e98d6a0d7455371f615.jpgThis is gona be so good , not the real thing but its almost as real as being along side ,

you made me happy so I will give you the best of me to make it feel as closer to the real thing as

possible  ...

" So how does this go , you open a portal inside my wardrobe or what "

Carla was feeling excited ...really horny  with the all idea.

No no ,hahahaha  I'll just summon you here from your sleep...

Relax and wait...


"What the hell"









What the fuck ????!!!!!- Carla awoke in a white place naked ..


Where are you Azazel ??? - She screamed her name ....


Did you tricked me into oblivion , Where are you ????


What ... Fuck ... - She just popped out in another place , this one was dark ..Hey...1814810002_Carlasleep7.jpg.47e3b19d3c292397d89b612f25574dc0.jpg

I remember this place from my dreams ....She instantly recognized the place ..


Hello there .


There you are my sexy sweet baby ,

I am so happy to finally see you face to face...

Come here ... Let me show you what you need...



She took Carla on her arms  and slowly her lips touched hers , so tender and soft , 

their tongs touched each other in a slow dance of flavors and fluids , Carla felt the warm of her muscular perfect body 

and down her bely she also felt the huge muscular Penis growing hard and bigger, Azazel continued kissing her in pure lust 

with her soft lips and her tongue rolling into hers inside her mouth, her strong hands were going down Carlas back into her lower spine and she felt 

Azazel grabbing her Ass cheeks firmly ....


Fuck me Azazel, Fuck me good baby.....carla couldn't resist no more , it was time to feel that massive cock inside her ..


Let me show you what you will have from this day , let me have you from this day  ...

I have search time and time during what seems like an eternity for you ,

I knew that one day Destiny that can not be bent or changed would make 

our paths cross ...And now here you are  and here I am ,

let me be your life and part of your destiny !











She didn't knew the time , she felt no rush  and finally Carla awoke in her bed ...

it was 7 AM.....




End of part Five


Part 6 on the making ..


Thank you .

Edited by Bullfye
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