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On 2/8/2021 at 4:52 AM, devious-Drunna said:

will this be actual random curves and maze like or just copy+paste, duplicate areas?

The maze is hand-crafted, nothing in it is random, but individual segments have all been copy-pasted, as there is always only one version of e.g. a straight hall, or a 3-way hall etc. But that probably isn't what you mean.
I have constructed the labyrinth by first drawing it with a pencil on a piece of checkered paper, designing it intentionally so as to be as confusing as possible. Therefore, some areas resemble other areas, to make you think you are walking in circles, but they are never exactly the same. This will work much better, once I figure out how to disable the map.

I'll be posting another update tonight, featuring the first quest-giver.

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