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The Labyrinth is coming along nicely



Day four of developing the labyrinth, and I have most of the main structures in place. Still working in Creation Kit, I've started adding NPCs, and encountered an unexpected problem. I can't make the NPCs attack me. I've included all of them in the bandit faction and set them to very aggressive, included the master general AI package, tried a bunch of other settings, but nothing seems to work. They follow their idle markers as defined, but when I encounter them, they'll just politely say: "good day".

So I was going through a bunch of forums and tutorials and somewhere I read that I should set the ActorBase to something hostile, like LvlBanditAmbush, so I set it to "LvlBanditAmbushMissileEvenTonedF" (not sure what "even" and "toned" is supposed to represent – evenly leveled to the player? Muscular?). The result was that my hand-crafted fort dwellers were replaced with generic bandits, who still wouldn't attack me. So this is the challenge I am facing now.

In the video tutorials it all seems very easy. Just drop an actor in a navmesh, maybe connect it to a couple of patrol and idle markers, and that's basically it. I guess I'll have to read through a whole bunch of wiki articles, but it's not clear where to start.
Once I figure this out, theoretically, in connection with SL defeat, this mod should already work as an enslavement mod, connected via SL defeat to Simple Slavery ++, what was my main goal (I intend to connect SS++ directly from my mod, but considering this is day 4, this is satisfactory, as long as I get the NPCs to be hostile). I am not sure, though, how Defeat will handle the locked cage door between the PC and the NPCs. I suspect this is likely to cause glitches in animations. But I can't test it, because everyone is so friendly...


The maze has been tested and I have confirmed that the exit can actually be reached. The current version is available for download here:



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