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3 hours ago, niotk12 said:

Tattoo mod?

Custom made. I already answered to that question in Post screenshots thread:


BBC themed tattoos i created myself. You can download any body tattoo from any mod, find it's directory in MO2 archives, open that tattoo with Photoshop and choose option that loads layers of tattoo. Now you need to create a new layer and fill everything with black color using bucket tool. Then it will be easier if you find in your body textures folder a texture of your body and simply drop it as a layer to photoshop so you can navigate where your letters and symbols will be but remember that your body preset can stretch tattoo in some parts of the body. Now just simply write on body on a new layer, find pure PNG files and drop them above, but remember to rasterize it when you finished so you can save them. After you finished your dirty work you can put all layers to one, disable everything besides your black layer and layer of your transparent tattoo that should be above it, CTRL+click on tattoo layer and go to layers section on your right, create new layer that must be alpha channel, it should disable all other color layers and your bucket tool will auto change bucket color to white and click inside your tattoo layer so all you tattoo will be white on black background. Now save it, probably you will need PS extension to do it correctly and that's it, Launch skyrim and check if it looks correct, If not just open your file, use eraser on incorrect parts and remade them, then create new alpha channel like you did before with white color, then save.


I learned it from this guide, maybe it will be more understandable for you:


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What's the location mod you're using? Doesn't look like Aether Suite to me. Is there a secret stash of modern area mods on the internet? And keep up the good work!

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