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  1. Can't wait to see this released.
  2. That's his own mod that he will eventually release. He made a few similar mods for Skyrim as well.
  3. My only gripe with the amputee thing were those spikes. I always was put off of the idea of having an amputee slave yet give it rusty spikes on its limbs. I hope someone with some modeling skills can remove those spikes in the interest of preventing people getting injuries and tetanus. 😁
  4. g2798484

    I'm a fool

    I'm not a fan of the two side cutouts on that black (straitjacket) bodysuit, it makes it look rather silly in my opinion, can you cover those two holes up please?
  5. You know, I don't ever recall seeing an amputee mod for TS4. Edit: I said this and then I find this posted, from Friday. Though temporarily Patreon exclusive.
  6. If only Todd Howard wasn't a hack, we wouldn't have this conversation in the first place. Not to mention if Caliente and dimon99 didn't start a body war, everyone would've been able to enjoy all the outfit mods.
  7. What's the location mod you're using? Doesn't look like Aether Suite to me. Is there a secret stash of modern area mods on the internet? And keep up the good work!
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