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So, to start with, some explanation. 4 years ago I got an idea from some thread that's swimming around here. I asked if I could run with the idea, even though I didn't know anything about modding. The story progressed so far as to have a basic outline on what's going to happen, what I want the mod to do etc. I started up CK, looked for some tutorials and was overwhelmed with everything and gave up. Yeah. 


Periodically, I checked if someone else with experience did something with the idea, no dice. Fast forward to now, I'm bored with everything atm and checked again if there was anyone who ran with the idea of stalkers in Skyrim. Nothing. 


So, since I'm bored out of my mind and don't have anything else to do except the usual stuff on weekends, I thought it might be a good idea to try something again. Next idea, why not chronicle my adventure in some form and post it to the amusement to experienced modders or info on the pitfalls of a DAU trying something way to complex for their paygrade.


Info on the mod I'm trying to make:


2 mods, the second would build off the first but the first can be standalone (because the first one is easier to make? I hope^^)


Mod one:


Prerequisite is be at least killing the first dragon. Maybe even go so far as to set it after meeting the greybeards for the first time.

When you enter a town after that you get a letter delivered by courier. That would be the start. First letter would be normal, like a fan writing, something like: I’ve seen you killing the dragon, you were amazing etc.

After that, periodically when you enter towns or leaving towns, you’d get another letter. Progressively more creepy. ‘I’ve seen you in town, you were so sexy’, ‘I followed you, and how you dealt with (random quest) was the best.’ aso. With the letters, as soon as they get creepy enough, you’d have some instances where you sleep in an inn for example, you get messages (pop up? quest updates?) when you wake up. Something like ‘You feel strange, your head pounds even though you didn’t have that much to drink last night. You’re sore.’

You can find random things near you, flowers, a spell book with a note ‘Dearest, I killed a mage just for you. Take this book as sign for my everlasting devotion to you and be mine!’

The gifts you get, get more creepy as time goes by, human hearts delivered or put in your pocket during the night with a note that it’s the heart from someone who’s hurt you or planned to hurt you.

In the end, you’re not even safe in your own house anymore. You come home to more gifts (nice ones, creepy ones, any variety). You can’t get the rested bonus because your sleep is fitful, you wake up from nightmares about some shadowy person following you all the time. When you wake up without nightmares disturbing your rest, you’re sore, you feel like you had a lot of fun last night but you don’t remember anything except going to sleep in your own bed with your trusty housecarl watching your sleep (Lydia, what did you do??? You’re supposed to protect me and everything I own with your life!!). To spin this further, you can have some devices put on you. Piercings to make you even more sexy for your beloved, chastity belts because you’ve been naughty and so on. Sleeping at inns is progressively more dangerous because whatever you consume there has a chance of being spiked and you wake up, head pounding and feeling like you’ve got a very enthusiastic pounding the previous night, you’re leaking and there are suspicious marks on your face or in your hair.

The notes and letters you get are mentioning different npc’s that you’ve been in contact with (Companions Vilkas and Farkas are the twin dogs that slobber after you but can’t have you because you’re not theirs!, Brynjolf at the Thieves Guild is deluded if he thinks you’re going to fall for a rat from the sewers etc).


Now here’s where the quest splits.


Option one for the standalone would be an npc approaching you when you’re alone (or somehow making sure your follower is otherwise occupied).

Some delusional speech about you belonging to him, about how happy you’ll be to be his and his alone and how he’s gonna make sure you’re always properly cared for etc, creepy shit.


And you snap. It’s been weeks/months of progressively more creepy stuff happening to you and you’re done, you’re paranoid and sick of being afraid and turning around at every sound. 


You kill him.




Option two would be continuing with mod 2.


Mod 2:


Follower mod, a possessive dominant jealous one.


This is gonna be a male npc (yes, because there’s a bucket load of female followers out there and not enough male ones). He’d be aware of gender and obsessed no matter what gender your DB and no matter your sexual preferences, he’s your stalker, he doesn’t care if you’re not interested in men.

At a certain point he’d start hogging the only bed in the Bannered Mare. I’m not sure if that’s a good idea though because in the previous mod inns have gotten progressively dangerous and your DB may not want to sleep in an inn anymore, still some planning to do.

So, you talk to Hulda and ask for a bed, she’s sorry but that bed’s occupied by that one guy over there. If you want you could maybe talk to him, convince him to give you the bed (speech check), maybe share with you because you’re dead tired and just need a place to rest your head.

So you approach the guy who’s a bit irritated at first that you would interrupt his fun. You explain yourself, you get talking and he agrees to give over the bed and spend the night in the main room (speech check success) or propose sharing the bed and he promises to be the perfect gentleman and stay at his side of the bed etc.


2 options for the next morning.


If he gave you the bed, you feel fine, you get the well rested bonus for the first time in so long you don’t even remember....

If you shared the bed, you wake up and feel amazing. You’re on top of the world, had an amazing if a bit nsfw dream, main character? The guy you spent the night with platonically. On the other hand, you’ve been pretty twitchy with all the creepy stuff happening and didn’t have much of a mind to fool around anymore and all that pent up desire has to go somewhere and this guy has been treating you well after a bit of rumbling at first, has been perfect, hasn’t touched you and didn’t chat you up. No creepy vibes whatsoever.

Anyway it goes, you thank him and you part, until you meet again…


You meet him again and again. In town, the inn, Dragonsreach (maybe other towns aswell? You come to the smithy in Markarth and there he is checking out something the smith had done for him). Whenever you see him again, you get arousal spikes, you can talk, you can even flirt with him (which he doesn’t flirt back at first).

You want him, but he’s reluctant. He’s respectful. He sees you as friend. Until he agrees to a date at the nearest inn, some food and drink and sexy times follow. 

You wake up in  the morning, and arousal is at it’s highest, you’re pretty much dripping and it’s not from the fun you had last night. It’s all you and you’re thirsty for the guy at your side.


In the end, you fuck like bunnies and spend the day in the room.


After that, no matter what you do with whoever you do it with, your arousal doesn’t drop below a certain point. You’re never fully satisfied except for when you meet your fuckbuddy and spend the next few hours getting it on with him. He’s just too good, isn’t he?


During all of this, of course, you still get the odd creepy letter or gift after waking up (but only if not spending the night with your guy).


You’re in a state of constant horniness, only sex with your guy is helping you get it down to 0 but it doesn’t take long until your panties are drenched again, that’s how it be.

So, you’re horny all day every day, nothing helps except your guy so why not ask him to adventure with you? He’s a strapping young lad, steel plate armor maybe and on your level. Again, he’s reluctant, doesn’t want to cramp your style or whatever. You promise he’s the only one for you at the moment and you’d like to have him with you.

Well, he agrees and you go adventuring and fucking at all corners of the world and in dungeons and wherever the mood strikes. If your arousal goes past a certain point, your guy can mention that you’re dripping or that your horny twitching is distracting and do you need some help with that??

You’re more and more dependent on him, if he’s not with you you’re nervous (losing your weapon, tripping, etc), you can’t concentrate right if you haven’t had sex for a while.


You are somewhere, camping, walking along a quiet stretch on the road, whatever and he mentions something that your creepy stalker did a few weeks ago. Suspicious. It happens more and more, your guy get’s more possessive, jealous, dominant, starts putting chastity belts on you because he thinks you’ve been flirting with that guy (even if it’s just Nazeem asking if you’ve been to the Cloud District). 

One day, you confront him and he spills his secret.


He’s your stalker and you’re so dependent on him and his magic cock that you either deal with him and your stockholm syndrome or leave him with the promise of a painful death if he dares to contact you again and you deal with the consequences (random tripping, losing your weapon because you fumbled too much with your shaking hands, no orgasms for you with anyone for a while, no matter what you do etc.) The last thing he shouts after you is that you can find him whenever you recognise that you and him belong together and he’ll wait for you to come and beg him to take you back.


If you leave him there’s no more notes, gifts, nothing happens, you just have a permanent debuff (arousal at a constant 100, no orgasms for you, random tripping but not too much to make it a nuisance, you lose random stuff sometimes, you drop your gold or part of your carried gold and forget where you put stuff [it disappears and you can find it in one of your house containers or something]).


In the end you can decide if you want to go back to him or not (maybe after some time you can talk to Erandur and with Mara’s help you get cured of your dependence on him or whatever).


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