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Captured Dreams Progress 2



So I spent my free time over the weekend in Captured Dreams, such a good mod. I progressed in 'Just a Property Slave' to the mission where I escort Alessia. 

I really love the way that as the slave progresses, her life gets a little easier but the player's gets harder. Mining in bare feet for 14 hours a day and sleeping in a cage is awful but for the player it's relatively simple. But the smithy - wow, very well done - so boring and repetitive, which is what the author aimed for of course! Controlling the amount of ore makes what would have been fairly simple into a grind. The Mansion Slave part must be very hard.


The mission with Rayani had some story. But I am currently confused about the Master, Rayani loves her - though in the tale she told it was not clear whether she was given the chance of freedom? I wasn't of course, and the rape and abuse I have undergone so far tends to lead me to see her as an abuser. And then, Rayani gave her the ability to trap souls through plugs. So now they are mass producing them (And I am helping.) I doubt people choose to wear such things, they are used to control women (and men I guess) - and if I remember correctly trapped souls never get to Sovngarde? So they are trapping the souls of hundreds of slaves. Ownership for eternity. That is some dark stuff, I hope the author put this in to show how evil Master truly is. Other antagonists just want to kill you, even vampires - I think their victims get to go to Sovngarde?


I worry that the mod was not finished - I believe that the last part, 'Relationship Slave' has little content. So maybe the story does not end. I may find out, Mansion Slave next after finishing this escort (note that there seems to be content that can be missed as I am nearly back to the shop but if she goes over Dragonbridge you get captured and get an escape mission so may go back and do that.


In short, great mod full of very unpleasant people who I fear will not get their just desserts. 


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