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About this blog

Who is she? An ordinary resident of Fort Knox. What's her name? You'll find out.
Funny, angry, strong, beautiful.
The men of the town dream of being in bed with her!
But they also fear her temper and her deadly punches and kicks!
And yet...something incredible is waiting for her without her knowing it.

Entries in this blog

No new entries for a while

I know many of you are following my blog about Atanea’s adventures. Unfortunately, you may have to wait a long time before having a new one appear in my blog. Unfortunately, I am bothering with my pc. My graphics card seems to fail and let go.  I still have the normal graphics card but it is not made to play games like Skyrim. I tried it but the game runs in slow motion. And since it’s a laptop I have, I’m afraid I’ll have to switch computers unless it’s removable. The problem oc

An unusual destiny: knight-errant

I finally found my son, Eraldur. I am married to a charming and strong man, and I am surrounded by my dear houscarls who are also my friends. I hope no one will come and take that happiness away from me. I’m happy and I wouldn’t let anyone take that happiness away from me. I, Atanea, the High Priestess, promise to be merciless with those who try to end my happiness and above all to touch my dear son!     Atanea had finally found her son, Eraldur. A child she had when sh

An unusual destiny: Difficult decision

Many days and things have happened since Atanea became the new governor of the city. Fort Knox was living his best days and his best years, many had agreed to call this period "Golden Years".   The so-called war prepared by the former governor was stopped by Atanea.  There was less poverty on the streets, crime was very low and there were no supernatural creatures such as vampires and werewolves left in the city or in the dark corners. People even had more money and earned a lot

What would you like to see?

Many of you have followed the adventures of Atanea, my female character in the blog An Unusual Destiny.     Many of you voted for the choice you wanted to see. Your work is now complete and here are the results. -47.62% for bads ends. -47.62% for a sequel with a return to Skyrim (surprise) Since the two votes are tied.  Here’s what I have planned.   There will be, of course, a sequel to a return to Skyrim where I would put during some chapters, at certain times, a

Conclusion and Truth!

Atanéa had discovered the whole truth about the dark side of Fort Knox. The Governor and the Chief of Police were both crooked and had made a pact with vampires and werewolves in the town to supply them with corpses for their sordid experiments on the inhabitants. Those who dared to try to rebel or leave the city were killed and their bodies used as experiments.   For Atanéa this was too much. So she decided to eliminate the governor and the glassy police chief. With the help of

The good time

Nhaur: Atanea, it seems you threatened the chief of police.     Yes. I was pissed off by that fat bastard. He wouldn’t let me investigate vampires and werewolves. He said the police were on it, but my ass is! They’re not doing anything.       Nhaur: Just be careful though. This fat guy doesn’t laugh if we disrespect him. Some of them ended up in jail or we disappeared.     If you knew what I found out. The city hides in th

A new day: Getting back into the swing of things.

SkyrimSE 2023-03-23 10-16-04-17__Merged.mp4               To begin with, the country is big, very big and mountainous. The country is normally ruled by a high king, but he was murdered by Ulfric Stormcloack, the leader of the Stormcloacks. He killed him because he accepted the White-Gold Concordat, a despicable treaty created by the elves of the Thalmor and Domaine. There are several towns and vi


Retour.mp4           SkyrimSE 2023-03-22 18-24-13-48__Merged.mp4     Atanéa.  The inhabitant of Fort Knox, from the future. The traveller from the future, the heroine of the Civil War, the Envoy of the Divines, the High Priestess. She had fulfilled her destiny, which is why she was sent to the past to Skyrim. To save Skyrim and Tamriel from a terrible fate that the Domain and the Thalmor had


hana120 in Farewell.

Revelation and Truth

Thank you... But I'm not a hero...I failed to defend Riften and Markarth from the Thalmor and Domain ....           Hmm ahen...a deadra...I can't resist..yet I must.     Deadra: Sex, fucking. You want sex, that's what you want.   Hmm...no, I must resist.    

Relaxation and Memories

Yes. The war is over, but still, I have this bad feeling inside me. I still feel like there's a dark threat hanging over Skyrim. But I don't know what it is exactly.   Galmar: Perhaps those cursed elves of the Thalmor and the Domain who threaten to invade the country. In the meantime, get some rest. We'll call you if we need you.       SkyrimSE 2023-03-07 16-52-14-40.mp4 S

Joining the Cause

Tulluis: How do I see the future after this stupid war? It is very simple. Skyrim will be in a period of peace and rebuilding but we'll be done with it.  Getting rid of the Thalmor? Right now there's nothing we can do. Our hands are tied by the White-Gold Concordat. We have to do what the Thalmor asks of us, including giving up Talos. But we have our own secret intelligence service. Though for the moment it hasn't done much. As for Ulfric, I think he's a fool and an idiot! He doesn't reali
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