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can you please...

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Recommend me a good race? a cute one? :) perhaps.

since I'm new on playing oblivion and I still don't know some good sites of mod and where can I find this hair too? (since I saw a video on youtube sadly can't view it again since it has japanese title and I forgot it already) http://mysims3blog.blogspot.com/2010/11/newsea-lemon-grass-female-hairstyle.html


Thanks for stopping by~!:P

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There are actually several choices out there, Lili.


First off, take a look at the Oblivion MOD Links sticky in this section of the forum.


SimHair and derivates are often packed alongside certain race mods. You can get more races than you could shake a stick at by installing Modular Beautiful People and its main add ons, MBP++ and Xeo++.


Otherwise, in no particular order, you could try... among others:

- Moonshadow Elves

- Chocolate Elves (there are two main variants: one based on the Korean race, while the second is featured in MBP)

- the Modified FF Race (see Lildevil's thread)


Also, are you planning to use a body replacer?...

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