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[WHAT IS?] Looking for this sauce and [sEARCH] Looking for tutorials remodeling vanilla male bosmer head in maya/3DS&zbrush

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Can someone help me find the sauce for this:




And also I'm looking for a tutorial/guide/tips on remodeling or resculp/retexture for the player male bosmer character. The reason is... I have a presculpted elven male head with hair(slightly lore) in zbrush and was trying to put this on a bosmer character in skyrim, and some comments said that the base mesh must be taken from the skyrim data files. Sorry I'm just a begginer in modding. Also I don't want to create on custom race because I insist that the character has bosmer characteristic and skills for a gameplay I vant to try.

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If you want a new head mesh model from zbrush to skyrim,be prepared to make animation tri morph expressions and phonemes from it in 3dmax\maya + Creation Kit modifications. Be prepared for at least a month of work.So if you are in the beginning of learning, I suggest to invest your time in Creation Kit information and creating morph files for Skyrim firstly.

I think, Blabba can help you out with it and NightroModzz, he made some similar work to hi poly khajiits .

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