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I'm trying to create some  armor that only my PC can wear.  I'm using a custom race from  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/8720.   I set it up as a unique armor addon only for my PC race while the original armor addon handled the other races.  I've run into an issue that I can't seem to overcome.  No mater how I set it, my PC would always have on the standard armor.  The only thing that would change it was the order the addons were listed in the armor record.  The first one always displays.  When I look at the record in TESEdit, everything looks ok.  When I load it into the creation kit, the additional races box doesn't match what is in TESEdit.  What makes it even more interesting is I cannot edit any of the armor addon additional races in the ck.  I'm kind of at a impasse here.  If anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate your assistance.












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Further investigation show this is being caused by the Race Compatibility mod.  Once you select "default race" for the addon, your custom race is automatically highlighted in the additional races boxes and cannot be removed.  This only happens in the creation kit and in game.  The custom races are not listed at all in TE5Edit.  Again if anyone has any insight as to why this is happening I would greatly appreciate it.  I get why the race compatibility mod would want to add the custom races but how is it doing it and can it be set up to be selectively overridden?

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Finally figured it out.  This behavior is caused when setting up the race.  When you set the armor race to "default race" the CK will automatically add the custom race to the additional races.  If you leave the armor race set to "none", this does not happen but you will have to manually add the custom race to whatever armors you want to wear.

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