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[REL] K2's Berry Boobs BNB Body Replacer

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Nexus Download Location:

K2s Berry Boobs Type 3 Body Replacer Bouncing BNB


LL Download Location:

At the bottom of this post


Name : K2 Berry Boobs Type3 Body Replacer Bouncing BNB

Version : 1.0

Date : 09-04-12

Category : Models and Textures

Author(s) : Tattooedillusions via Kendo 2






WARNING: ADULTS ONLY! Kendo 2's Berry Boobs Type3 nude body replacers that I have added bounce to.




Three new Berry body models by Kendo 2 which have added "Bounce" by me and 2 textures to choose from. Adult Content. Modders' resource.


Mod Contents:

A, C, & D Cup Models all in one

A Cup Model *(Berry_FlatsACup & Berry_ReplacerACup each in their own folders inside the archive)

C Cup Model *(Berry_FlatsCCup & Berry_ReplacerCCup each in their own folders inside the archive)

D Cup Model *(Berry_FlatsDCup & Berry_ReplacerDCup each in their own folders inside the archive)


*(Each model has two versions, one with the default feet slightly bent at an angle ("Replacer") and one with the feet flat on the ground ("Flats").)


Two new Type3 textures based on Luchaire's original work, one base texture for the C and D Cup versions and one A Cup texture and also goes well with Humannature66's SKINNY6 body.


NOTE: I have uploaded these files with user options in mind.


One download method, which is great for modders but also great for users who want to have variation among the different race mods out there, is all of the models in one easy download listed as "Whole".


The other download method is to pick which body frame you like best and download them separately which is good for people that don't care for one or two of the body styles. In each

of these archives there will be 2 separate folders to choose from however. You can either use the Flat or the Replacer.


I have also separated the textures to it's own archive to relieve as much overwriting as possible if you are downloading each body separately.




In order for the bouncing breasts to work, you must:


FIRST download and install the skeletons and animations from the Meshes folder of thaumx's Bouncing Natural Breasts (BNB) mod. Without them the bouncing meshes will not work.


SECOND if you download the all in one "Whole" file you will have to rename the mesh of your choice to femaleupperbody and place it in your Data\meshes\characters\_male folder. Or if you are using a race mod for your character such as Desert Succubus and others which have their own body folder you will need to rename the mesh accordingly and place it in the correct location for the race mod you are using.


If you download the files separately again there are 2 different folders for each body type, one for Flat and one for Replacer (Description of the differences is listed above). Open up the folder you wish to use and simply copy the data folder over your game data folder.


For the textures you will need to rename the texture of your choice to upperbodyfemale and place it in your Data\textures\characters\female folder.


Also if you get flickering textures open up FOMM or NMM and toggle the archive invalidation which should take care of the problem.











Manual Uninstallation:


Simply overwrite with another body replacer.



Known issues and bugs:


Non that I am aware of. If you find something please feel free to contact me to let me know.





None that I know of. If you find out otherwise please let me know.





Feel free to send me a message here at the Nexus.



IMPORTANT - Requirements:


Fallout New Vegas of course


thaumx's "Bouncing Natural Breasts" (the skeletons and animations for the bouncing version of this mod)



You also need any TYPE3 skin textures of your choice will work




Dimon99 for his 'DIMONIZED TYPE3 female body (Which includes the Berry HD body this is based)


Backsteppo for his 'Narrowed shoulder Type3 based Body meshes'


Backsteppo also and eronel55 for the D Cup breast modeling


Luchaire for the textures


Kendo 2 or the texture tweaks, the flat feet and the A Cup breast modeling


Kendo 2 also for the port of Dimon99's Type 3 Body Replacer to New Vegas, the tips he's given me, the new Type 3 Berry Boobs bodies on as well as the new skin texture that comes with it, the sweet comics and all the awesome clothing/armors past and present. You can check all those out here at his user page:



Jonas66 for the blender tips and his amazing tutorials on Blender, Nifskope, Screenshots, etc. Check out those if you're interested in starting Blender along with his other great clothing mods at:



Revanag for the great tutorial with his "Bouncing Breasts Type 3 Armors" on how to make things bounce and getting me hooked on it. That mod is located here:



Thaumx for making the awesome BNB mod that adds a little life to the mams



kellogsfrostedflakes for the Body by Race-Bouncing Breasts Type3 mod.



BlackBlossom for her tasty BEWARE OF GIRL Type 3 HiRez HiDetailed Replacer and other amazing mods and retextures



Blender Foundation


Bethesda for creating the Fallout & Elder Scrolls series and allowing us to mod these games


Legal and licensing:


Kendo has given this body as open resource for modders and such. This next sentence is taken directly from the original Berry Boobs Type3 front page:


"You may use these files in your own mods, provided you include the Credits List with your uploads."


Included in the files are the credits list which he provided in the original.






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Nice stuff' date=' though I'm now thouroughly confused as I had always assumed T3 Berry was B cup & T3 Cali was C Cup etc :)

Forgive me if it's other differences my failing eyes don't notice or are overly distracted from :)



Hah you're not the only one who is confused by the multiple Type 3 bodies Dimmon put out. I never did understand the difference between Berry HD, Base HD and Cali other than the very slightly different sized and "spread". I just went with what Kendo posted and added the bounce ha ha.


I'm thinking that the A cup is equivalent to the Alice Body only with narrower hips. I think he said the C Cup is a tweaked Berry HD but I could be wrong on that. And the D cup is similar to the other Type 3 D cup only not quite as pointy. Other than that I've got no clue lol.


Lol the distractions certainly don't help at all do they.

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Anyone willing to merge the D cup version of this body with type3m? I love Type3m's glorious butt, but the rack is rather lacking for my tastes.


EDIT: I know thats probably something tedious to do, so as a lil incentive, I will give you an Origin key for Sims 3 with the starter pack DLC.

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  • 4 months later...

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