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Trying to make HDT Skirt (Remake) bodyslide files


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Hello! I've been trying to convert the HDT SKIRT (Remake) files to bodyslide for a few days now and am not sure what I'm doing wrong. If this has already been done somewhere and I just didn't find the conversion, please point me to that instead. ^^;


The closest thing I've been able to find to specific instructions was one line in the comments of the original, saying "Copy skirt bones and make sure hdt havok path string is in the nif file."


They said it shouldn't take more than 10 minutes, but they seem to be alone in that opinion, because I've tried copying the bones and sliders in a variety of ways (as suggested by various tutorials) before trying to add the path string in Nifskope and never didn't mangle the skirt as a result. Before and after I try adding sliders, the Copy Bone Weights (whether it's all of them or just Copy Selected) function leads to a mess of stretched shapes or a square-ish pyramid in Nifskope every single time. This also destroys pretty much the entire skeleton in the default outfit (viewable by opening one of the skirt nif files without messing with them at all).


It doesn't help that I'd never really tried tinkering with outfit studio or nifskope prior to this little project, but I figure this is at least worth trying for non-clipping flappy skirts without shoulder straps or any other attachments. Any advice, or is this a lost cause? On the off-chance this works, I'd be happy to do this for all of the plaid, plain, and lined versions of the skirt and share the results.

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I have tried using the skirt it self as the reference and a body with sliders as the outfit/mesh in the hope of copying the bones onto a body and using that body to copy onto the skirt so as not to mess up the bones, but it seems that sliders don't show up for anything but the reference.


I also tried to use the skirt from the HDT Maid Outfit mod (which already has bodyslide files), but the sliders wouldn't appear even when using the maid skirt (from both the original mod and the bodyslide add-on) as the reference unless the reference is the osp file, in which case I can't seem to translate anything over to the other skirt.


The existence of other HDT-enabled skirts with bodyslide files tells me that this is possible, but I'm not sure how to connect the wires myself.

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