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Fourplay rigs, Maya version?

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1 hour ago, Sinclare said:

I asked in a thread but got nothing, so I figured I would try again here. 


I was just wondering anyone knew how, or if it's even possible to get Maya versions of the fourplay rigs? Hoping to contribute some anims for the community. :smile:

There are rigs, they are part of one of the fallout 4 animators toolkit on the nexus. But there isnt a good hxk export as I recall... not for Maya, though I could be wrong...

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Yeah, that is the .ma one I have. But, is is just a female rig and that is all. As for the first link, I can import the .fbx versons, but then the rigs get jacked. Also, since they aren't the fourplay versions, it's harder to use those for sex anims. However, if that is all I have to I can make due. 


Also, you can't Import .max in to Maya, only .3ds, so that isn't an option either. 

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49 minutes ago, Sinclare said:

In terms of the link with the Maya scene, here is what is in it. Its a decent enough rig, but not ideal for sex animations. Also there only seems to be a female character in the file. 


Its the rig we use for sex anims though and the MAX file has the female body, but this doesnt change anything as all we use is an exported HCT file that records the keyframed positions of the bones, not the geometry itself...

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1 minute ago, Sinclare said:



I know the Geo isn't exported, but I was worried about proportion differences between the two. Unless that isn't a thing. 

I shouldnt think so (and I am only guessing here) as the HCT is going to record translation / rotation / scale change values per bone keyframe. Without actually dissecting the HCT export scripts though, I have no real way to know for certain, though I suspect it is using relational values from the standard bind pose.

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