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NO feet sole textures


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Looks like the bottom of your feet are completely flat. Looks like you are missing a big chunk of mesh. Looks like your feet textures are being stretched over the missing bits. I would try giving your character the std cbbe feet meshes. See if that fixes the problem. If it does, you need to take a look at this specific cbbe foot mod. At a guess I would say it is the feet from a pair of shoes that have had bits removed to make them fit the shoes.

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13 hours ago, KennySha said:

I have one specific cbbe feet mod especially for feet but Nothign else that i know of. I guess 2 texture bundles are incompatible how do i figure out which?

13 hours ago, KennySha said:

And this only happens to my character but no NPCs seem to affected
image.thumb.png.cc5a300e5b612e5671c6eeca1931c448.png My mod list 

Wait.. you don't use any mod managers? Mod Organizer shows you what overwrites what, so it spares you a lot of headache. Anyway.

The files for your feet meshes is in data\meshes\actors\character\character assets
It's the femalefeet_0.nif & femalefeet_1.nif.

Textures are in data\textures\actors\character\female
But this times it's the femalebody_1.dds and all the other femaleBODY files in there. Feet and body are often in the same texture, atleast in SG Renewal which I think you installed over the Demoniac textures, assuming my eyes doesn't fault me by the first picture you uploaded.

Now lets see here:

See where the soles are? Those sole textures aren't alligned with the feet mesh you got.
But why is it just your character that got the problem? I got no idea, maybe Alternate Actors? Any custom races? Got no idea, but hope this helped.

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