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EVB feet for CBBE + Bodyslide

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  • 2 weeks later...

The mod isn't really packaged well...  To get it to work, I had to...


  1. Install both the mod with bodyslide files and the bodyslide fix.
  2. (MO2) alter the installed paths of the mod from ..\Data\Data to just \Data (move the meshes/textures folders up one level)
  3. Adjust the output path in the FFB.osp
    1. CHANGE:
  4. In Bodyslide, use the FFB body, and adjust the included new sliders


That's just to get the body itself to work.  None of the outfits you have in BodySlide/Outfit studio include this body, so when wearning any clothing you will be seeing the body that was included with the outfit - most likely a CBBE default body.  You will need to replace that body in your outfits with this new one in order to see the fee in action while the actor is clothed.  

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