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Need help getting started with FourPlay


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So I followed the instructions to install Four Play ("four-play-beginner-friendly-installation-guide-comprehensive-tutorial") and I can't seem to get it to work. Or maybe I don't know what keys to use to start it working. 


--I'm using CBBE

--I have Leito's Animations and Crazy's Orinigal Animations installed 

--I have Four Play Sex em Up installed


--I can use console commands to get to the "coc 4 test" room. The animations work, but all actors still have clothes on. 

--I have the Four-play Framework MCM appearing the Apparel section of my inventory, so I can change the settings

--I cant initiate anything outside of the coc 4test room


Any help appreciated. Thanks!

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You have to set an activation hot key for sex em up to work, you need the standalone MCM to do this, also there is an update to the community patch that makes Four Play compatible with the new runtime update, without this four play will not function correctly(alignments and stripping will be broken)

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