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[iDEA] Slime trap

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Hello, everyone! We have interesting trap mods (estrus mimics for example) but what about this:

So, your character was just walking in the forest or near the lake and boom! Your Dragonborn stepped on some green (if in  forest zones) or blue (if near a lake) slimy little pool and it's entering your asshole or vagina (an animation of it suppose to be there. after DB steps on the slime, it enters one of her holes. Main character gets surprised, looks at her hole like "da hell?", realizes that she can't do anything and gets on her knees from both pleasure and pain after entering event ends.)! Now there is a slime inside your character. 

Slime increases the size of victim's belly over time and after SOME days it expels itself from victim. While the slime is inside, character is slowed down (strength of this effect depends on how long the slime is inside the victim), it consumes some of victim's health over time BUT also it can consume SPERM instead of health if she's sexing. If she is sexing alot the slime will grow faster. 

The slime makes you learn skills slower.

Optional: The slime makes you aroused.

The slime is not a disease so it can't be cured in shrines. It CAN be cured by special poisons in alchemy stores.

There are some bubbles in the hole (like in the pictures).

After the slime is born it becomes a neutral nps that just...walks in the area it was born in. Or something else. Duno. 

What do you guys think, huh? I just REEEALY like slimes (and how Ishimuraya or artist of these pics uses them.). And not only a DB can be victim but every woman can! Yeah...


images (1).jpg

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It sounds like a great idea and it more or less already exists for tentacles in the mod Devious Loot where you can randomly encounter a tentacle sexing event from picking flowers. Ofcourse you still need a lot of animations t make this work nd i don't think i ever saw a specific animation like you described besides the ones from estrus but their are different. Well yu could change the color of those slimes ofcourse and create a "plug" to put in your ass or vagina. The belly growth over time is also no problem i think.


Besides some creativity with the animations i think it should perfectly work.

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tHERE IS ALREADY A MOD WITH SOME OF THE EFFECTS YOU ARE LOOKING (KYNE,S BLESSING)  The thing that would would be easy and nice if there was was patch that would let the effect of ESTRUS CHAURUS , KYNES BLESSING cross over to (estrus mimic) ESTRUS would cause the victim to become pregnant while Kyne,s Blessing would add wroms ,and other gross things . 

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On 6/26/2018 at 3:54 AM, Crym said:

are there any news about this idea? i would love to see a mod like this someday.

Nope. My fetish will stay unsatisfied...for now. Maybe someday the Hero will arrive and create a mod like this! Ahhh...sweet dreams...

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