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Nraas Sims 3 style "sleep freedom" for Sims 4?


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i'm looking for a mod like "Sleep Freedom" for Sims 3 by Nraas, or like "Share Beds with Everyone" for Sims 4 by Shimrod101 - except updated for the current game.


Basically for the first time i made a household with 4 adult sims with no romantic connection to each other, and put them in a fairly small house. There is not room for 4 beds. i suppose i can use two twin/single beds side by side, but i really prefer the look of the 2 large beds i have in the house. Does anyone know a mod that will make these non-romantic adult sims be willing to sleep in the same bed at night? Right now one sleeps on the couch, and the other on a bench outside... while the other two use the beds.


It's a less than ideal situation, particularly because i don't want these particular sims to be romantic together! Tho i know raising their romance with each other could help the situation.

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