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  1. The dude is working quite hard on Patreon. Definitely deserves all the support he can get. Just wanted to say it out loud :)
  2. Mia Animations Wicked Whims

    Agreeing with C.
  3. Best of luck! There is a thread for asking question animation-related, in case you need it. Also, if you missed them, I created, as well, a thread with a guide for creating animations, and another one with a collection of descriptions for sounds.
  4. Thank you very much Amra! :D Your updates are always welcome!
  5. Sounds description for animators.

    Well, I didn't update the game yet, so I don't know about the new sounds XD
  6. Hey all! Decided to write a small thread for describing the different sounds that animators could use, since there are so many of them, and getting started is always a chore. So first of all this is the list: http://pastebin.com/raw/92mYduhM A small tip is, pay attention to the 15/30/etc. f ones. F stands for frames I believe. So the lower the number, the shorter will be the sound. Another one is: you should mostly use the "vo_" ones, since the other ones without the labels are generic/event sounds. Here are some: Will add little by little if the thread is useful :)
  7. Hey there! Well I have a bit of inspiration, but I'm sorta waiting for the right rig to use. Still, your comment gave me a good idea for a tutorial :)
  8. Mia Animations Wicked Whims

    I'm not sure what you mean. Lip sync is not an issue because, when you put a sound, if you remove the Lip_censor event whatever its name is, the sims will automatically move their lips, even without you animating them! The only issue is that when you place a sound that is too long and overlaps with another. The shortest one are the sound that ends with, like, 15f or something like that. The lower the number, the shorter is the sound duration. That's because "f" stands for "frames" I believe.
  9. The general WIP thread for animators.

    Very good job! I would suggest to speed up the aniamtions (= reduce distance between one frame and the next), add some facial expressions, and add voices. These aren't bad. EDIT: also careful. You named yourself "Artista De Bastardo" and "Artista De bastardo", this leads to have your name showed twice. Choose one and correct the XML :)
  10. Mia Animations Wicked Whims

    You could always do a Patreon page for just support, like whoever wants joins in and support you anything he wishes, without particular rewards, or just a request tier :) Anyway I see you're already at a very good level for poses!
  11. Thank you! Needed to vent down a bit haha.
  12. Thank you all for the warm welcome back!! Glad it did! If any help is needed, contact me :)
  13. Hey there! Sadly I don't have the .blend file of my old animations but don't worry, perhaps I'll do a new one as a first thing! Was thinking on Massage Table, got an idea actually. But I would like to create a whole new package, since I won't be able to update the old one.
  14. Holly S**th! 1835 animations in WW

    I have almost 2700. That's if you have the Patreon early accesses and all the packages!
  15. Thank you content creators

    Thanks to you thanking us :D