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Get all armors in the game in one container (including armors from mods)

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Hello good community


could someone enlighten me with some information .

is there any mod or console code that gets you all armors in the game in one container or in one place  (including armors from mods)


i feel a lot of my armors from mods are being wasted since i don't know about them


would appreciate the help


thank you


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Thanks laucters , ill check out add item menu


the thing is with console commands , you need the armor's name or part of it's name to recall its ID , problem is don't know their names and its kinda of a hassle to be honest :smiley:


ill check out add item menu , and ill let you know



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On 1/13/2018 at 1:03 AM, alhothiu said:

ok so Additemmenu checks  ESP/ESMs to see armors , pretty neat .

question , do all armor mods have ESP/ESMs ? or maybe they just have loose meshes and texture files (am noob in moding to say the least )



They do.

Without ESP/ESM there's no way for the game to know a new armor meshes exist and where to find it 

So yeah unless it's a replacer (ie just change the meshes of en existing armor) it will have an ESP/ESM for it and even the vanilla armor are associated to the vanilla ESMs 


Of course some armors may come from quest mods etc so sometimes finding a specific armor require some digging. 

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