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  1. The gibberish they gave is what is needed to alter a character via console (the gibberish is because it is encoded, while your is on an almost human readable javascript structure). The gave that because until last update (meaning yesterday) that was the only way to alter a NPC as you couldn't create your own profile.
  2. GitHub is a development site, so probably the branch there is not ready for prime time. Feel free to use it but the developers probably didn’t put it here yet for a reason. Beta is still a thing even in mods
  3. That`s the big question (the one that would determine my purchase tbh as I already have the game on console and only mods would motivate me to buy it again). Game negine is brand new on PC as only Death stranding and this games used it (engine from guerilla who is owned by Sony and was probably ported only so Kojima can have his game on PC too) so it`s probably not designed with ease of alteration in mind. When my friend got the game first thing I did is look at content and it looks it`s only binary and likely proprietary archives (similar to bethesda`s own bsa) so unless someone figure
  4. The game never really claimed to be anything different through. Even the reviews of the times drew a lot of comparison to assassin creed (claiming they made them enjoy climbing view points). The game is really competent as what it does especially considering the studio was not known for this style of game before. But yeah if you don`t like games in a Ubisoft mold this game won`t change your opinion
  5. Yeah people throwing money at a problem are never technologically illiterate. Ask mac users (I am a mac user myself, so I can make that joke) Thing is I don`t doubt there can be real issues, making a game work for every PC config is much more complex than making it work for 2 console configs. Saw quite a few mentions of memory leak, don`t know if it`s relaity or just people parroting what they saw but could be a good reason why game would behave poorly in some configs. Hopefully the dev team will figure it out in the meantime people who can wait just have to wait
  6. yeah review bombing is strong on this game. Partly due to the game having serious perf issues on certain configs (which Guerilla said it`s working on it)., partly just because Sony dared to do like Rockstar always does and release a game months after its console release, and they made people pay $40 (while rockstar manages to make people pay full price). I think that after they fixed the issues it will be a great port, a friend of mine bought it on PC and the game worked great on him with many options certain PC devs (cough Bethesda) don`t even put on their games (ultra wide support, FOV, ...)
  7. After they said they`re not allowed to speak top you go back speaking to them (while in your party) and they'll have two dialog options. You should be bale to figure it out from there.
  8. The author is not great at English, I recall in support thread people explaining it`s just animations with an aggressive take on it (like forcibly groping NPC or something like that) I also doubt it`s a hard requirement, more like Fuz-ro-doh for most mods: may break immersion but that`s mostly it. Albeit it`s just aguess
  9. Never tried it myself (always planned to but always thought about it after being into well enough into a game that changing SL Aroused seems not worth the risk) but isn`t it the general concept behind SL Approach ?
  10. Here`s too a list of NPC overhauls that should work well together by author of Pandorable overhauls. Links are for LE but most of those mods have been ported to SE. https://www.patreon.com/posts/27359706
  11. You are using Palace and Castle Enhanced and it conflicts on this specific mission with Amorous Adventures. Only "fix" I know is using console to advance this quest beyond that point. Search for setstage or amorous on the PCE nexus forum and I think there was a post explaining exactly what to do Edit here`s a link to the post: https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/4980440-palaces-and-castles-enhanced/page-93#entry71057543
  12. I don't think there's (unless unofficial) in fact the closest you can get (not as advanced in ther mechanic as it doesn`t include followers and levelling is handled by buying books of a given armor, instead of redefining the whole crafting of bikini armors) is Legendary armors by the same author which to me suggest he probably moved on from Bikini Maiden.
  13. It does, is NiOvereride fully functional ? It looks that way if only for that racemenu high heel is working but I cannot guarantee 100% that everything is working (API for the mods are though)
  14. I've been testing it and only potential CTD issue is on the tint system. Apparently some have noticed some CTD on inventory but the quick fix is to set bEnableTintInventory=0 in skeevr.ini I have been running with it during thew week end along with sexlab+vr patch and everything works without game breaking issues (I have a weird thing where my physical stealth option randomly disable but not sure if the cause is racemenu and it`s easy to fix in game as it happens by checking back the option) All in all while it`s definitely still an alpha (UI is not perfect and some features
  15. Limited budget lead to this kind of sacrifice (even on big budget having both 1st and 3rd person is something I think only BGS really did). 3rd person requires new animations (or atl least try to smoothen up animations when player suddenly do thing a NPC wouldn't bc panic) also often call for more personalization (body shape, ...) All those things require time and effort. I prefer playing my RPGs in 3rd person but I get why this AA game doesn`t have a feature most AAA do not have (remember: cyberpunk won`t have it either, and its fair to assume Obsidian worked on a far tighter budget th
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