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help hand clipping issue on the breast area sex animation


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how do you fix the clipping on the hands of the male sim on the female sims's breast my sims hands keep clipping through the breast area its pissing me the fuck off ? what do i havetodo tomake sure they dont go through the breast like they fucking ghost help pls thank you if i have to go to S4S just guided me on editing but i dont wanna ruin the hardwork of the creator's work....?

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Unfortunately we don't have any real fix for that other than to use or edit a sim to fit the animation,

The animation doesn't really account for the difference between various Sims body shapes so the animator will have a certain frame in mind or will work to the proportion of the rig as it's not too voluptuous or leave a gap for the larger bust,


Main problem is that one animation wouldn't fit all sizes and it's why we currently don't have much in the field of breast play, 

What looks great for one physique unfortunately doesn't for all the others

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