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Problem with naked sims mod


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Hi there, 


I have some trouble with mods to install to have naked sims.



Lunar Eclipse Mod :



Body Redux Lumia mod :



Necrodog HD Feet mod:



And "No Mosaics Mod".


Screen of the Mod file : http://hpics.li/34897f3


I have installed these mods to try to play with naked and realistics sims but something goes wrong and it's not working.

Here the screens :

Female : http://hpics.li/5cbb1f1

Male : http://hpics.li/d141384 and http://hpics.li/4528d2e (Rudiculous Head / Body proportionallity with strengh potion)


On the female version still have no sex and with underwear. When it go fat it's very distorted.


On the male version, the sex (soft) appear but i have very bad chest with ugly for the abdomen and oblique muscles what don't change Ingame if the sims get fat or slim.


If someone can help me to setup a good mod folder for my game with well looking of naked sims ... Please. (if it's other mods or what else no problem for me)

I'm pretty new on sims 4 modding installation.

I don't need sex animation specially.

I will appreciate that.


Thank you !



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