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skin texture specular map

Monsto Brukes

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I'm doing an armor retex and I realize that there's supposed to be 2 ways to implement the specular map.

1) normal map alpha channel

2) a separate texture... diffuse, normal, specular map.


I can get the normal map alpha to appear appropriately in nifskope, but not ingame. ingame, it's as if there's no spec map and the whole thing is shiny. even if i set the alpha to all black. If i do a separate file (NifSkope > BSLightingShader > BSShaderTextureSet > Textures > 3rd entry > cuirass_spec.dds (DXT5)) then not even nifskope recognizes it.


so how exactly am i supposed to set up for specular to appear in game? Is there a guide somewhere that i've missed?

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I'm a noob to modding but I want to try and help you any way. Going back as far as we can, what you're experiencing could be a problem with the mesh itself, or the way you saved the texture. Can you upload the texture and the model you're working with, so that I can test it and try to see what the issue is?

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The easiest possible way is simply to add a material and then assign a UV map to it and a texture in Blender. I had specular map issues before, hence I know it works for sure. Tweaking the BSLightingShader in NifSkope alone won't yield any progress.


Also, UV Unwrap is completely unnecessary in most cases, because the imported model retains the info about its UV layout :).

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Can you post exactly what flags you have on the BSLightingShader?


BSLightingShader you copy from existing body.nif or armor.nif. Making one yourself might not work and it takes a fair amount of both time & effort - the result is the same.


I always copy the BSLightingShader, it always works. However, the official conversion tutorial states otherwise (to make BSLightingShader yourself). Whatever :P.

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