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Uneven breast shape


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This started sometime after downloading some HDT XMLS which were the last body related mods i installed.

I have

-checked for conflicts 

-checked for rogue loose files

-re-installed body related mods

-selectively enabled/disabled body related mods.

-freshly installed skyrim


Bodyslide and other executables were properly setup with MO.


It shows up all the way in bodyslide and this is after re-installing Skyrim along with CBBE/BS and XPMSE. No other bodymods which leads me to believe theres something outside somewhere.


In bodyslide


Outfit studio with wireframe





Theres a few things left that i can think of.


Starting from scratch, re-installing MO and re-installing Skyrim outside program files. Id want to avoid this for the lengthy process of redoing everything. Or editing the mesh somehow, im not at all familiar with this, i tried mirroring the right side but couldnt figure it out.


Any suggestions?

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