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Skyrim Sex mods compared to Fallout 4?

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I am currently at 200-300 mods for Skyrim with heavy focus on Sexlab. But I am running out of Story/Quest mods to explore, so I am slowly thinking about looking for new playgrounds.



Does Fallout 4 have equally diverse Sex mods like skyrim? 

For example animated pussies and breast physics, BDSM kinky stuff, animations (I think my FNIS is currently at 17.000 animations or so for Skyrim) and most importantly: quest mods? (like Slaverun, Slave City, Maria Eden, Sanguine Debauchery, Shout Like A Virgin if you know any of those).


Any info or advice would be appreciated :smile: 


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6 minutes ago, nalonsowp said:

Not quite yet. I would head to fallout new vegas/TTW and/or oblivion.  Alternatively, consider making a F4 story mod with the sex framework.


Oblivion looks.... old :smiley:

Is Fallout New Vegas comparable to Skyrim with Graphics and looks? Especially the human models are a concern here... 


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32 minutes ago, nalonsowp said:

if you get a good enb it can get close but not comparable, no. 


Too bad :frown:

Thanks, tho! I think I will just monitor the development of the Fallout 4 mods then and hope I dont get bored of Skyrim for another year or two :smiley:


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