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Options not showing

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So, when I load into the game and click on anything the Wicked tab is there. However, when I click on that tab the only option it gives me is settings:


I've also removed all script mods and custom content and tried it with just things that relate to wicked whims but I still only get the settings option. I've redownloaded everything multiple times but the only thing that ever shows up is the settings option. Also, I've checked my Sims version and it should be working. Help??


Wicked Whims Exception: https://ufile.io/pgzm1


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The ww exception is almost 500mb, that can't be right, surely? That seems exesively large.


I'm sorry if any of the questions I ask are obvious but I gotta ask, have you downloaded animations, the WW mod itself only has 1 or so animation for in the bed so you will need animations in order to have anything other then ww settings. 


The other Lastexception shows the last error in the game was on the 26th of december last year so either you've only just got around to dealing with this problem or there isn't an actual problem right now.


Make sure you don't have any old WW files, there should only be 3 files for WW now since the latest update on 30th december 17.


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