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[Request] can someone help me convert this standalone follower into character presets?

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hello guys and happy new years
i have request to convert standalone NPC follower that i found on internet
i really like her appereance and i have try alot to convert her to char presets but still not success
i always get weird looking chararacter

this is her
i got her from here
please help me :smiley:
if possible i hope i can use her in Skyrim SE
thx before




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On 1/1/2018 at 11:32 AM, Feena said:

please help me :smiley:
if possible i hope i can use her in Skyrim SE


In the archive under Meshes/character/actor you will find a folder that contains the facegeom mesh.

Copy this (rename it or remember it's name) and paste it into Skyrim\Data\SKSE\Plugins\CharGen (or whatever the equivalent is for SE, you posted to the LE forum)
In game open racemenu, use mask add on the neck, making sure that the bottom is masked, where it would join the body mesh. Press F9 to import and find the mesh you copied over.

Import it.

I wouldn't expect it ever to be perfect to the follower, especially as this doesn't import the tints but it should be pretty close.


You may need to look at getting the mod converted to be compatible with SE first, I couldn't tell if this is required with facegeoms but if doing this comes out "weird" then I expect it is.

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