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Redress failing bug


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Real quick question just to see if anyone has had this problem/found a solution. Sometimes (I'd say about 50%) when a four play animation ends the actors will not get redressed, leaving them to wander the commonwealth naked. Thankfully this hasn't happened to anyone massively important yet, but I want to prevent it from affecting important NPCs down the line.

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As someone who struggled with the programming aspect of this, just today in fact, I can tell you that it *might* be related to how the array is assembled when the NPC gets UNDRESSED rather than when redressing. You see, the common way we mod authors strip actors is by creating an array of armor (incl clothing) that is being worn / set to remove. We do this incrementally, slot by slot (where a slot # is associated to a body part if this was not known to you). The issue lies in slot 33, which is the TORSO / BODY slot. You see, whether this is known or not, slot 33 is ALWAYS equipped, even when there your player character or NPC is standing there stark naked because the BODY, the naked body is ALSO armor/clothing and uses slot 33. So these undress arrays look at the EQUIPPED slots when building themselves and stripping the actor in question.


And if the mod author does NOT have a check in the code such as this:


If WornItem.Item !=NakedSkin

   {add armor item to array}



Literally means, if the array is looking at an armor item and it DOESNT equal the nakedskin armor, add it to the array and then remove it from the player. But if it IS the NakedSkin armor, do NOT add it to the array so that later, when we use the array to redress the actor, the naked skin is not one of the items to re-equip.


And it gets more technical from there because or wornitem priority, which causes for example, the clothing to be equipped and then immediately unequipped because the nakedskin is being put on secondarily. It happens so fast, you may not even see the clothing go on.


AND there is also the fact that sometimes, for one reason or another, functions get interrupted before they conclude and I suspect that part of the post-sex four play activity may have this issue. I have just validated in the source for fourplay though that there is in fact a check in there to avoid playing with the nakedskin, so this is likely off the cards... but other mods who introduce stripping may not know to do this, just for future reference.


I know it doesnt help you to solve this problem, but it gives you a little insight into how it may be happening...

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I appreciate the response. I understand what's happening more now, although unfortunately I've only been programming for a couple years so I doubt I'll be able to help fix this at all. worth noting is that the actors redressed after I came back to their location. I imagine loading to a new cell then back to theirs may be the reason why their equipped items reset.

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Right, actors have a default outfit - so when you go through a door/reload the cell, etc. they will redress if naked.  If it does happen though, and the actor is not consequential you can always target them and recycleactor in console.  This will force the actor to reset, as it were.  Note that when doing this anything in their inventory will be reset to default values.  So if they stole something off of you (e.g. an aggressor in Four-Play Violate) or you gave them something, it will disappear. 


I will say this happens to me FAR more often with SexLab mods from Skyrim than it does with Fallout 4's Four-Play mods though. :smile:

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