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Camera clipping distance through people and objects


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I hope I am explaining this right.  What is the point of putting fine detail into a character creation, NPC overhaul, or beautiful terrain and buildings with a modded Skyrim if you can't zoom in close enough to appreciate the talent of your work or other mod authors?  I try to zoom into my face in racemenu character creation, for example, and the camera clips through my face into my eyeballs and teeth before the camera even gets close to my character (I mean, my character's head wasn't even getting close to filling the entire screen).  Why not be able to zoom in closely to inspect little details?  It'd be nice to be able to zoom in closer to an object before the camera passes through it, or before it turns invisible.


In a nutshell: is there a way to change how close the camera can get to an object before the camera clips through it?  I want to be able to zoom in close enough to inspect a freckle on Jarl Balgruf's ass cheek if I choose to do so!

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2 hours ago, AgentCarolina said:

For screenshots?


FOV 40





Thank you for the advice, but will tweaking the FOV affect how close the camera can get to an object before it clips through and buries itself into the objects mesh?  If i'm not mistaken, there's a collision sphere around the camera (camera node? ) that determines somewhat how the camera acts when it bumps into an object, such as walls for example.

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2 hours ago, SassaAria said:

Customizable Camera

Use the various profiles, fov and setting options.

You'll wonder how you ever played without it before.

Customizable camera mod is a  wonderful, wonderful thing and I never play without it :smile:  I'm more concerned with how close the camera gets to a mesh before it buries itself into that mesh though, such as in Nifskope you can zoom in on a single spot and keep zooming and zooming and get up close and personal with a very tiny spot on the mesh you're working on, like if you wanted to you could load a head with face textures and make the freckle fill the whole screen in Nifskope since the camera won't clip through the mesh depending on your settings. That's what I'm looking for with the Skyrim camera.

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