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In search of voice actress


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I'm starting to make more and more adult content videos using my Skyrim or SFM animations and sounds are important.
I am therefore looking for one or more voice actress for my videos.


Search, rip and clean sounds are a task that takes some time and I want to dedicate it to what I do best, animation, build things and editing.
My current sound library is also relatively limited to produce long videos.


I go to the community to find people (girls) able to double some sequences, and get me voices and moans sounds adapted to the animations that I produce.
The content is relatively kinky hard to very hard, it will take you to "play the game" to stay in this spirit..

The duration of the videos may vary from 5 to more than 12 minutes, but I do not necessarily need a full dubbing.
You can check my mod topic and mod main page, I post some videos. 


The idea is to do something of proper quality, no need to be a dubbing expert but it is better to have a decent quality microphone.


Of course, I do not expect you to do this for free.
I can give you a commission for your work.
You will also be credited in the videos and the description with links if you have some.


It's not just reserved for one person, there are different girls in the videos and it's better if the tones and peculiarities of the voices are more "pushed".

I turn first to the Loverslab community where I have been living for a long time and to also push the community foward. 
But I will post the request in a few days on other networks if nobody shows up.

Thanks for help! :smile:

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17 minutes ago, TheRealMissAmber said:

Hmmmm so this is for those videos and not in game?




edit: what's the pay for something like this?


Yeah It's mainly for videos.
Maybe in some months I need some voices for "ingame stuff" but need to work and have something technicaly working fine before.

The paid also depend the quality of the work..
I have already made contact with some VA, and some are rather expensive.. lol
Let's say I'm not going to put 1/3 or 1/2 of what my patreon get for 15 minutes of moans...
But if you have see the video, the VA has made the two voices, the result is pretty good and enough, and she is less expensive than OkButDragonDicks.. :tounge_wink:

So I'm ready to paid but It's not because that I have a Patreon that I'm Rothschild.....

With Scarlet, she asked 50$ to made the both voices, I have gived a bit more because I was happy to find someone with correct prices and also she is used with this kind of stuff,
I know her a bit now and we are going to made some other works, she as also fun to do that and it's good.
About 5$ for a minute is already not too bad I think,
but If you ask 50$ the minute.. mhhh lol with that I go see a call girl I take some pleasure and I record the moans myself..  :lol:


On my stuff and with what I ask for the commissions, I work for about 3-5$ the hour.. I would like have 5$ the minute lol.. So there is some limits too. 

Also before paid etc I ask to ear one or another demo. 
I probably made another video for the end of this month so I you are tempted, 
still do not know if I made a solo or duo girls video this month but we can made a try..
If I use two girls you dub one and scarlet the other one, if only one girl this first work can be for you...

What do you think? 

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I think there is a bit of a language barrier but I think I get the jist of what you are saying. $50 a minute is kinda out there but to each her own.


I'm happy you found someone though. I have been watching this thread for a few weeks to see what happens before I said anything.


Let me figure out my keyboard situation and when I get a new one I will probably/most likely get back to you.


My wireless keyboard stopped working randomly so I can't do mesh work like I normally do.


I can't say that I have a good mic. But I can probably clean up the sound a bit.


What format do you need the sound files to be in so I can make a mental note.

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Thank you for your answer!

Yes my english is really not great, if it is not clear enough tell me what you do not understand.

I'm glad to have found someone, of course, but it stays open.
More varieties in the voices is a good thing.

So as long the quality is decent without cracks or saturate..
But mp3 48khz, >=256kb is enough.

I add backround sounds and/or music so..

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