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Weird (maybe?) Wrye Bash patch


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I've been doing a lot of rebuilding and tweaking my mod list lately. Pretty sure my WB patches used to be 50-60KB, but recently they're coming out nearly 700KB (Weird? Seems large...but like I said maybe I'm remembering incorrectly and they've always been this big?) I don't merge mods into the bashed patch though, I only use it for leveled lists...so that seems like a big file size. Also, is the modified date (on both the right side in WB, and on the patch itself once it outputs) always supposed to be 12/31/1969 7:00:00 pm. Cuz mine is. (Weird?)


I thought I'd uninstall and reinstall Wrye Bash and start fresh. I removed the whole Mopy folder. Anything that I actually had in any of the locations described here I removed. I reinstalled Wrye Bash, opened MO, added Wrye Bash as executable, launched it (I already had my TES5 patch). Same results: 12/31/1969. Whatever, it's the first run since a fresh install, lets see what happens. Right-click-->rebuild Merged Patch-->bam, bolded mods (in the Merge Patches section), "these are new since you last rebuilt".




Anyone on Windows 10 x64, running Oldrim, via MO, know where WB is squirreling away this crap? Also, is there any way to just BUILD a new one from scratch, not "rebuild" a rebuild?I mean, I know, semantics, but you get the idea. Also it's kinda pissing me off that Wrye Bash is leaving crap on my computer that I can't track down to remove, just on the matter of principle.


Thanks for any help.

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6 hours ago, Nagib said:

It never updates, so that is correct :-)

Thank you!


Still don't know how it knows what mods are new to my list, after I've uninstalled and reinstalled, but 2 out of 3 isn't bad, and things seem fine, so I'm content to worry about it years from now if/when I ever uninstall Skyrim.



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