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Bodyslide Conversion Thread (Last Updated 12/04/2017)

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BlackWidow.7zI will be posting conversions of clothing and armor here, feel free to request anything you don't already see.  All credit for meshes/textures to their original authors, if you would like to have your files taken down please get into contact with me. Please report all bugs as you find them, this is the easiest way to help me keep all files clean and ready for other users!  All of the conversion files are uploaded to my mega account if there are any problems with the link's please let me know immediately.


Currently working on: "a little sexy apparel replacer" by cotyounoyume

Conversion Set 1


~~~~~~~~~Black Widow Armor and Pipboy (Pip-boy)~~~~~~~~~~~


Original credit belongs to nsk13


Version 1: HERE 

File is also attached BlackWidow.7z.


~~~~~~~~~A little Sexy Apparel Replacer~~~~~~~~~~~


Original credit belongs to cotyounoyume





12/04/2017 ~ Attached Black Widow conversion directly.

11/28/2017 ~ Link to Vers. 1 of Black Widow was fixed.

11/27/2017 ~ Vers. 1 of Black Widow Uploaded



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Preparing for next outfit
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I don't really know that much about how nexus installs files, I package my mods for manual installation. 

So you'd unzip the contents and place them into your fallout 4 folder as appropriate.  So for the black widow you'd for example place it inside of your;


Disk Version:

C:Windows/Program Files/Fallout 4/


Steam Version:

C:Windows/Steam/Steamapps/Common/Fallout 4/


Sorry for the delayed reply, I've been busy with work, and have started working on another project for school.

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the type of suit i would like to have for Nora  is this  type  of suit with out a coat 

see the hr glass  on the belly   

now that would be a nice suit  something like that 

for some reason the coat sticks out   when the person sits 





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