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Proper Usage of Image Uploading?


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Hello! like most people on this site, I am a screen archer.. But when i want to share my photos, I cant do so unless i put it as an attachment. IMGUR doesnt seem to work as a direct link, and Photobucket doesnt allow nudity in the slightest form. So.. My question is, which site can i safely use to upload and share images that may include extreme to minor exposure.?

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hello, StudioSAV,


i often use TinyPic — Photobucket's "poor but unprejudiced cousin:" it's really easy to use, fast, kind of "ordinary" but reliable,  and allows you to publish your original picture as well. if a user opts for a Private Profile and leaves her/his pictures untagged, these won't show in their searching system, hence there's no violation of any kind.

if you seek quality, though, i second ThisTimeIBeAGoodGirlSir and recommend Flickr.


wish you the very best,




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