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Certain animations not playing in first person


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I play with Enhanced Camera with Third Person arms enabled for that Full-Body Awareness feel, and one thing I've noticed is that animations that normally play in third person, such as drinking from sinks and bodies of water, do not play in first person. This also seems to extend to mod-added animations, such as the popular Solid Project mod and Animated Chems mod from the Nexus. These animations play just fine when in 3rd person though. I was wondering what could be the cause for this. 

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I use the Enhanced Camera mod with Solid Project and have NVSE_EnhancedCamera.ini set to bUseThirdPersonArms=0 & I get solid project 1st person animations. I haven't used Animated Chems so I don't know if they will work together if you turn the third person arms off.

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I play with Third Person arms set to 1 since I like the realistic look of that full first person view. What's supposed to happen is that whatever animation plays in 3rd person can be seen through a 1st person viewpoint with Third Person arms enabled.  When sprinting with Solid Project, however, the sprint animations added by that mod don't play, and instead I see the vanilla running animation sped up like 3x.

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